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3 Easy Card Games You Can Play Online

Card games have always been popular in India, dating back to the 16th century in the Mughal era. Card games such as Rummy, Bridge, Bluff, Court Piece, Twenty Nine, and more never missed an Indian festival, family gathering, marriage, or any other occasion. The love for card games is deeply etched in the hearts of Indians. From easy card games to more complicated ones, everyone likes playing card games. 

With technological advancements and less time to spare, the trend has now shifted from offline to online. Online card games are somewhat more popular than traditional ones. They are similar to the traditional card games but are fast-paced, available at the fingertips, more engaging, and have more straightforward rules. Playing online offers the convenience of playing from the comfort of one’s couch. Moreover, playing with random opponents each time adds to the thrill and makes the games more challenging. 

3 Easy Card Games For All Players

Call Break

One of the most popular games in India, Call Break, is also known as Call Bridge or Spades in different regions. The game has different variations with similar gameplay but slight changes in the rules. The Call Break game is easy to learn as the rules are pretty simple, and the gameplay is easy to understand. If you have never played Call Break, just read through the below rules and gameplay to play call break on MPL and win cash prizes.

Call Break Gameplay

The Call Break game is played with four players using a 52-cards deck, with no partnerships. The game is played for 5 rounds, and the player with the highest score at the end of the five rounds wins the game. After the dealer distributes 13 cards to each player, every player has to make a call, declaring the number of tricks they expect to win. If the players win the exact number of tricks as announced initially, they will earn equal points to the number of tricks. If they win more tricks, they earn more points, but if they don’t win the same number of tricks, they get negative scoring. 

The game is also known as Spades because all cards of the Spades suit are trump cards. Players can use trump cards to win the trick if they don’t have a card from the suit that is being played. However, if another player plays a trump card with a higher value, that player will win the trick. The ranking of the cards in a high to low order is A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

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Perhaps the only game that was available on the desktops several years ago was the Solitaire game. This card game is so easy that even kids quickly learned how to play Solitaire just through hit and trial. Solitaire also has multiple variants such as Spider Solitaire, Classic Solitaire, and Cube Solitaire. All the variants have similar gameplay with a bit of tweak in the online versions. 

Solitaire Gameplay on MPL

The solitaire game on MPL is time-based which makes the game fast-paced. You can play practice games or cash games against a random opponent. The game board presents the same cards for both you and your opponent in the same order with a foundation pile, a tableau, and a stockpile. The player has to arrange the cards in the Tableau from Ace to 2 with alternate colors. The cards should then be placed in the foundation pile in ascending order from Ace to King, and so on. The stockpile consists of 24 cards with 3 cards revealed at a time. The player can use the cards from the stockpile to make the sets in the tableau. To win the game, you have to form the required sets faster than your opponent within a time limit of 3 minutes.

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21 Puzzle

Also called 21 Blitz and Blackjack Solitaire, 21 Puzzle is another easy card game that even kids enjoy playing. 21 Puzzle card game is all about adding the value of the cards to get a score of 21. It is played on a column-based board using a deck of 52 cards. The game doesn’t require much skills or experience to beat your opponent.

21 Puzzle Gameplay

The 21 Puzzle board has 5 columns where you can place the cards. The goal is to clear the columns by either reaching a score of 21 in every column or placing 5 cards with a sum of 21 or less. You can keep viewing the score on the number box of the column. You have three lives in the game, and if you lose all three lives, the game will end. The player with a higher score wins the game.

The value of each card in the 21 Puzzle game is as follows:

  • The Ace card carries both 1 point and 11 points. You can use this card when you want to add one or 11 to the value of other cards.
  • The face cards, King, Queen, and Jack, carry 10 points each.
  • The number cards carry points equal to their face value. For instance, the 3 card from any suit carries 3 points, and the 10 card from any suit carries 10 points.

The Bottom Line

The above games are fun, engaging, yet easy card games you can play online on the MPL app. These games are skill-based and require the use of strategies to increase your score and win. However, in comparison to card games such as Rummy and Poker, you don’t need many skills or immense experience to play these games. You can start playing these 3 easy card games right away. Just select a suitable cash contest and join a fast-paced gaming session full of entertainment. 

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