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3 Important Tips To Consider Before Playing Fruit Slice On MPL!

The fruit slice game on MPL is one of the most interactive games a player could play on the MPL app. The game is simple and easy to play for people of all ages. People who wish to simply have a good time or just be entertained can play fruit slice game online. The game offers a colourful and interactive experience to its players which is quite unique as compared to its competitors. The games are designed to keep the players engaged until they lose. However, one can play fruit slice game better if they follow certain tips which are important to the game. Following these three fruit slice game tips can ensure one has a good time playing the game and also increase their chances of winning. Therefore, read further ahead to know more about how, as a player one can grow in the fruit slice game on MPL.

Avoid Bombs

The game is fun and interactive however it does come with its own set of challenges that make the game fun. When one is playing fruit slice game online they are focused on winning the game and slicing as many fruits as possible. The game goes on, and one by one the players slice off the fruits. Combos are created and high scores are achieved, at this time suddenly when you least expect it, a bomb can come along and disrupt your whole game. 

Therefore, one has to stay attentive to the game. As the game moves forward the speed will rise gradually making it fun to play. At such times the game will also deliver challenges in the form of Bombs that will come out of nowhere. These bombs are placed at such points where the players do not even see them coming and make a mistake of cutting them. This results in loss of points and the player gets eliminated. To avoid this staying attentive is key. One must know where the attacking bombs may come from to stay clear off them and make sleek moves around them to cut the fruit.

Bonus Tip

The best way to avoid the bombs is to slice the fruit when it is at the top trajectory. When the fruits are launched they will rise to a certain point and fall down. Players try to catch the fruits as they are falling down and become prey to the bombs. A good player will avoid such mistakes at all costs and head to the top of the game to slice the fruits like a true professional gamer. Thus, this bonus fruit slice game tip will help you cut the fruit as well as avoid the bomb as well.

Save Lives

The fruit slice game on MPL is focused on making the games as interactive and fun as possible hence, there is a battle mode in the game. The game allows the player to battle with other players and thus test their mettle with players online. This is a great way to enhance your skills and take it to the next level. Doing this is fun and also sets a thrill factor among players playing the game. However with such competitive setups it is crucial that you save lives. In the battle mode a target is set by the opponent which players rush to achieve. However, instead of doing that primarily, use the time to save your lives. Once your opponent is out of lives it will be a walk in the park for you to go ahead and achieve the target set by them. Thus stay focused on the task at hand and make sure you achieve the target by saving your own lives first.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are nothing but the points collected from the combos that you will score in the fruit slice game. The goal is to achieve the highest amount of combo with the maximum number of slices. If you do this properly you will score on a big level and gain huge points. Be patient for multiple fruits to be launched at the same time and slice them with one stroke. More the combo the better points you will receive.

One of the easiest ways to score the most points and reel in most combos is to simply pay the game for a bit longer. Try to avoid all obstacles and stay in the game for longer. Staying in the game for a longer time will help you score bigger better points so that you can directly win combos as the game follows its course.

Final Thoughts

The fruit slice game on MPL is a fun and interactive game with loads of fun ways to play it. The fruit slice game tips provided above can help you lay the game better and with more ease. Try following the steps provided for a better gaming experience and play fruit slice game on MPL app to experience the thrill of the game.


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