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5 benefits you can enjoy while playing online carrom

Online carrom is one of the most popular board games in the digital space. Almost every individual can associate carrom with their childhood when they would spend their free time playing carrom with family or friends. 

In the earlier days when there were no online games, the carrom game was played indoors on a huge wooden board. The sprinkled powder on the board to make the pucks glide smoothly and the changing of positions to make a perfect strike are reminiscent of the good old carrom days. 

With digital transformation, carrom has been brought to our fingertips as online carrom. Board games like carrom have always been popular even before the digital revolution brought the game online. While offline carrom is still etched in our hearts, online carrom offers numerous benefits as well. It breaks all barriers of geographical boundaries, physical unavailability of friends, and other reasons because of which you can’t enjoy this fantastic board game. Moreover, it offers a healthy distraction from the monotonous life, boredom, and loneliness. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy while playing online carrom on MPL.

Five online carrom benefits that you can leverage

Good mental exercise

Playing carrom online is more entertaining and is a good exercise for your mind even though it is confined to your mobile screens. Carrom is a strike-and-pocket game that requires direction-specific striking capabilities. To excel at the game, you should have strong strategies and good reflexes. Playing online carrom regularly exercises mental muscles and improves competitive and cognitive capabilities. Moreover, you cannot change your seating position and angles to strike the pucks in a particular direction. So, before your strike, you need to be sure about the striker’s angle and force, which also requires mental effort. While you derive entertainment and fun by striking and pocketing the carrom pucks, you are simultaneously exercising your brain.

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Ease of use

Online carrom offers ease of use in comparison to playing on the traditional carrom board. Many players who have the option to play offline carrom prefer online carrom owing to the convenience it offers for the same experience. You no longer have to carry the heavy carrom board around and find people to play with. You have the option to either play with friends or random opponents at whatever time suits you. The process of forming your own rooms to play online carrom with friends or connecting with other players is quite easy and straightforward.

Win cash games

A major reason (apart from entertainment and skill development) why people prefer playing online carrom is the excitement of playing cash games. You can use your carrom skills to play online cash games and win real money. If you need more practice before entering cash games, you can also practice with the free games. Once you have gained enough confidence, you can start playing the cash games to win real cash. So, when you are playing carrom online, you are also putting your skills and talent to good use.

Play at your convenience

Unlike offline carrom, which requires a time commitment from you when you have agreed to play with your friends, online carrom doesn’t require any commitment. It gives you the flexibility to enjoy the game at any time and from any place. Therefore, online carrom offers an edge over games where your constant attention is required. So, whether you are traveling, getting bored at home, or taking a break from work, you can play online carrom without stressing about finding players. The game pairs you up against random opponents without making you wait for long. 

Upgrade your skills with more practice

If you a beginner at online carrom and want to upgrade your skills quickly, you can start practicing with the free games offered. Online carrom used advanced graphics and algorithms that work as useful tools to practice and implement your strategy. You can even perfect your shots and find new shots by playing with other players online. Playing frequently will ensure you master the game in no time. The understanding of force, angles, shots, etc, will upgrade your skills to win more online carrom games.


Online carrom will rekindle your childhood memories without lacking in providing a similar traditional board game experience with added benefits. The feeling and ambiance of playing a live carrom game with friends and family are certainly precious; however, the perks of playing the game online are higher. Online carrom follows the same internationally recognized rules, but each player is provided with a limited time for each strike. This makes the game fast-paced as well, and you don’t have to spend long hours playing the game. You can relive the experience of the offline carrom game by playing against your friends online. 

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