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5 Most Difficult Trick Shots in Carrom – Even Pros Can’t Handle!

Do you often find yourself losing the game of carrom and wished you knew some excellent trick shots in carrom? 

Carrom is a game that lies in the heart of every Indian and brings back fond memories from their childhood. You may remember playing the game with your cousins or friends during school vacations. But as most of the games have become available online, playing online carrom offers a different experience. When you enter a challenging game of online carrom with different opponents each time, it adds to the thrill and excitement. Moreover, you can also experiment with the various carrom tips and tricks you learn.

Five Trick Shots in Carrom

The most challenging part of playing carrom online is not knowing how strong your opponent is. Some of the players have better skills than you, while others may be weak at the game. Every player also uses different striking styles to pocket the coins. Irrespective of the type of player you are playing against, winning the game can still be a door that opens easily. All you need to use is a few trick shots to secure you a win against strong opponents. This article unlocks the 5 most difficult trick shots in carrom to make you a pro at the game.

Middle Shot

For an effective start in the online carrom game, the Middle Shot is one of the best trick shots you should use. The shot is played at the beginning of the game with all the carrom men in the center of the board. The strategy here is to aim between two carrom men so that both of them are hit concurrently. When you strike two adjacent carrom men simultaneously, they will move in opposite directions and fall into the opposite pockets. 

Second Hit 

The Second Hit shot is one of the most popular carrom trick shots used while playing carrom online and offline. When playing against strong players, you are most likely to come across obstructions. One of the ways to deal with obstruction is to change your target and pocket another coin. But that may not always be a possibility, in which case you will have to get around the obstruction. This is where you can use the Second Hit shot to your advantage. In this shot, you use the coin that is obstructing the pocket of your target coin. But for this shot to work, the target coin and obstructing coin are in the same line as the pocket. Your aiming skills also need to be strong to perfect this shot. 

Board Shot

The board shot is another trick shot mostly used by advanced players as the shot requires experience and knowledge to master it. Therefore, you can use this shot to break the hopes of your opponent. This shot requires immense precision and accuracy, so you need a lot of practice to play this shot in a challenging game; otherwise, you may end up wasting your turn. In this shot, you hit the striker with immense force and in a way that it strikes three different sides of the board and ultimately hits the target coin to pocket it in your side pocket.

Center Cut Shot

The Center Cut Shot is played when the target coin is placed at the center of the board. In this shot, you strike the striker to hit the side of the coin. This shot leads to pocketing the coin in a pocket opposite to the striker’s side. For instance, if you hit the striker to the right side, you will pocket the coin in the left pocket.

Another version of a cut shot is the ‘Cut and Take’ shot, where the striker hits and pockets a coin in one direction and strikes back to pocket another coin. This is a useful shot when you pocket the Queen coin and need a cover along with it.

Back Shot

Unlike the traditional carrom board experience, where you can modify rules and hit a coin at your side with the thumb, online carrom doesn’t allow hitting the striker directly at the back. In this situation, the Back Shot comes to your rescue and helps you pocket that adamant coin. You need to hit the striker on a point that is an extreme opposite to the coin’s point for this shot. When you hit the point with massive force, the striker is pushed back to strike and pocket the target coin. 

Final Thoughts

These shots require precision and concentration to perfect the shots while playing carrom online. When you strike the carrom men with the striker, you need to watch out for three factors: the striker’s position, the point of contact between the striker and carrom men, and the force to be applied. If you consider all these factors before striking, You will definitely pocket the target carrom piece. Mastering these trick shots will increase your confidence and help you gain the upper hand over your opponent. Go ahead and try these carrom shots on the MPL app to become a pro at the game. You can practice different shots and also win exciting cash prizes when you win.

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