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7 Best Carrom Trick Shots You Must Know

The online carrom game requires you to possess good skills and knowledge of specific trick shots. 

One of the most liked and skillful indoor games from your childhood would probably be carrom! Isn’t it? It’s a game that can be played for hours together, no matter how many people are there around the board. The game is equally joyful when played amongst two people or four. Age has never been a barrier in this game. So, a youngster or an elderly person – either of them can flick his/her fingers using a striker.

With the move to online, the popularity of the carrom game has seen a significant rise. You no longer have to worry about arranging the physical carrom board and coins to start playing. Just download the online carrom application and showcase your carrom skills against various opponents. There are lots of reasons to play carrom game and this fun tabletop game becomes further enjoyable when played using carrom trick shots. Let’s discuss the seven best carrom board trick shots you should include into your game to control it throughout:

1. Side Shot

You can play this shot by hitting the striker in a way to push carrom men on the opposite side. It is stroked in such a way that it should ultimately become difficult for your opponent to put their designated carrom men into any of the pockets. So, this shot helps you take carrom men out of your competitor’s reach and prevents them from pocketing their carrom men. Also, you can hit this shot in such a way that you have a greater chance of putting your carrom men into the pocket.

2. Middle Shot

This is known as a tricky shot that is played at the very initial point when all the carrom men are lying at the center of the board. You should be hitting two carrom men simultaneously in order to hit them into the two pockets. If you get success in hitting those two carrom men in two pockets, this particular shot helps you score points for two carrom men at the same time.

3. Cut & Take

This is the smart shot in the carrom game as it pockets one carrom men at one side and hits another in such a way that it takes up a position which will be favourable for your next stroke. You will easily be able to pocket that coin in your next shot.

4. Second Hit

This is another tricky yet wise shot that hits two carrom men in one go. You can play this trick shot when there is a carrom coin that is coming in your way to hit your target carrom coin. In this shot, the first carrom coin hits another one to put it into the pocket. Depending on your force to the striker, you may be able to pocket only the second coin or both of them (based on your need as you go about playing the professional carrom matches or freestyle ones).

5. Cut Shot

This tricky shot is played very commonly when there is a foul from the competitor. This shot helps you diagonally hit the striker in a manner that it hits the carrom coin into the opposite pocket.

6. Broad Shot

This appears to be the most exciting shot in the carrom game. But, it can be played smoothly by the advanced players only as it requires a certain amount of practice and knowledge. This is the specific shot, wherein you hit the striker in such a way that it touches carrom board’s three different sides. Then it hits a carrom man positioned at your side, and puts it into the pocket.

7. Back Shot

This trick shot is recognized as the most stylish shot in the carrom game. When the carrom man is positioned at your side of the board, you cannot pocket it directly as per the game’s rules. In such a situation, through the back shot, you hit the opposite side of the board with great force so that it comes back and puts the carrom man into the pocket of your side.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of carrom board trick shots that can potentially make your game exciting. Also, they make you appear as a stylish and professional carrom player in front of your opponent. So, download an MPL app and keep practicing the above-mentioned carrom trick shots to make your carrom game even more thrilling and interesting.


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