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8 Ball Pool Game – Best Life Lessons You can Learn!

If you have the eye, you can learn life lessons from almost every game. But today, allow us to explain these 5 lessons that can be learned from a game of online 8 ball pool.


The pool is quite an interesting game. Professional pool players have claimed that they apply their skills from pool to their day to day lives. Not just skills, but also life lessons. There are plenty of things you can learn from an 8 ball pool game, be it technical or philosophical. They are both equally important. If you’ve never tried your hands at playing pool, start with an online 8 ball pool to get a better idea of what we are talking about.

Like we’ve said before, you can learn actual life lessons from pool games. You may not pick up on them consciously but they will eventually become a part of your psyche. They are not complicated, just simple things that we tend to overlook but capable of making a great impact if followed properly. So if you’re curious about what 8 ball pool could teach, then here are 5 life lessons that you can extract from this game.


When a player is focused while playing a pool game, they are aware of all the opportunities in front of them. This helps them with taking better shots. Staying focused will not only help you to understand what your options are but what your opponents have been planning as well. A player chooses their next step by going through all their options and building a plan of action. Being distracted can throw you off your game. So, stay calm and calculate what needs to be done for winning the game. This also applied to online 8 ball pool game.


There is nothing to lose, so take an occasional risk and avoid playing all safe and sound. You never know how that one tricky corner shot will set the pace of your entire game. So do not focus on the battle, but the war. This means, don’t lose the game because of that one challenging shot. If you play pool game, risking and experimenting is a great way to learn. Here, we learn that to move forward in life we should be willing to take big or small risks otherwise life tends to become stagnant. Even if you fail, you will have an experience that you can apply later in your life.

Be Fearless

Most players opt for the easy shots and fear to hit the balls that are far away. This is because they are not confident in their abilities. Sadly, this confidence can only be built if they tried to shoot for this long shot. Long shots are like the goals we’ve always wanted to achieve but never dared to chase them. Proper planning and plotting will get you closer to them and one day you shall achieve your goal. Try building your confidence by hitting a couple of long shots in an online 8 ball pool game, you’ll see how the impossible becomes possible after a few trials.

Slow and steady

People are over excited by opportunities to such extent that they end up doing something foolish in its pursuit. When you play pool game, you learn the importance of taking things at a comfortable pace. It is an old saying, that slow and steady wins the race. Applying too much power to hit the balls will ricochet them in different directions. A rushed gameplay will always give you bad results, so keep your mind at peace and play slowly.


If you don’t plan while playing pool, your opponent will. It is important to have a game plan in your head about what balls you will be potting next and what kind of shots will align them in a way that it becomes easier for you. Execute each shot in a way that it takes you closer to victory. Similarly, this should also be your approach in life. Living a life without a mission or a goal will take you nowhere because there is nowhere to go! However, if you’ve decided your ultimate life purpose then you have an idea of the things that should be done to achieve it.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already played the 8 ball pool game for some reason, then head over to the MPL app and test out your skills. Once you get the hang of it, you are less likely to keep your phone down. That’s how much fun this online 8 ball pool game is. And the lessons discussed in this article are the ones which you would learn as you continue to play this game for a long time.


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