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8 Ball Pool Game: Tips to Win Like a Pro While Playing 8 Ball Pool

Do you love playing the 8 ball pool game but haven’t mastered it? Are you looking for some 8 ball pool tips to enhance your chances of winning consistently? Read on.

8 ball pool is a famous online pool game which is professionally played by users all over the world. 8 ball pool game has gained immense attention from cue sports lovers (especially those who like snooker and billiards).  This pool game is usually played on a pool table as a ‘singles’ or ‘doubles’ game with cue sticks as well as 16 balls, one cue ball to strike other balls, and 15 object balls.

The objective of an 8 ball pool is to put all your designated balls (which can be solids or stripes) in the pockets, and then the 8 ball (black ball) at the end. The player who pots the 8 ball/black ball wins the game. If you like to play this game, you are likely to aim for more wins by adopting certain pool game tips. We have come up with 8 ball pool tips to assist you in this article. 

8 Ball Pool Game Tips

1. Have Complete Clarity About the Rules

The first thing that you must be clear about while you try to play a pool game is to be aware of the rules. Some of the rules are:

  • If a ball does not hit the edge around your table, it’s a foul. That allows your opponent to move the cue ball wherever they want on the table.
  • If you pot the black ball and cue ball also goes along with, then you end up on the losing side.
  • You should pot the black ball only at the end after you have potted all your object balls.

2. Mastering the Break

How to make an effective break is also a very important pool game tip. The two most common effective breaks are:

  • Hit the first ball within the triangle straight on and then use topspin to drive through the pack even more.
  • Hit the second from the end ball as cleanly as possible using full backspin, thereby making the cue ball to hit the cushion and then go into the pack again.

Out of the available two alternatives, the first one is much preferred as it helps to spread the balls nicely. 

3. Spots or Stripes: Which One to Choose?

An important decision that you need to make while playing this online pool game is whether to choose spots or stripes. This decision does not depend only on which ball you have potted rather you have to look at the position of all the balls on the table, check how many of them are in convenient positions from where you can easily pot them, and then decide. This is one of the most important 8 ball pool game tips to emerge as a winner.

4. Watch your Power

The amount of power that you apply to your shots can make or break the game for you. The harder you hit a shot, there are more chances that it may not work out well. In certain cases, a soft touch could give the ball a better chance of going into the hole. There must be a blend of power and accuracy while you try to pot a ball. Thus, you need to judge how much power would be needed every time you try to pot a ball. You can master this through rigorous practice by playing more of this game online.

5. Plan Ahead

During the game, you should not just focus on the present shot but also plan for two, three shots ahead. This could help you to judge what kind of spin or how much power would be needed to pot the ball. Though it is true that the game clock does not give you sufficient time in between to think over your shots. But, this kind of advance planning for shots can be pretty helpful to have more wins under your belt. 

6. Spin

In order to pot the ball, you must be very accurate and efficient in spinning the ball. Spinning the ball helps you to give an angle to pot the ball.  There are various forms of spin like topspin, side spin, backspin, etc. You need to work out which kind of spin shots come out well for you and use more of such shots to beat your opponents. 

7. Cues with Power

You need to be fully aware that each cue has four different aspects.

  • Spin: how much amount of spin you can put on the shot.
  • Force: how harder can you hit the cue ball
  • Aim: how accurate you can be while taking a shot
  • Time: how much time you need to take a shot.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are the few important 8 ball pool game tips to be considered when you play an 8 ball pool game. These pool game tips can create more winning opportunities for you. It is time for you to gear up to play the 8 ball pool game on a reliable online pool app like MPL, either one-on-one or in ‘best of’ format tournaments. We hope these pool game tips will help you to play pool games more efficiently.


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