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8 Ball Pool Guide: The Key To Pot Like a Pro

If you are an 8 Ball Pool pro on the physical tables and think you can ace your game even on the virtual tables, you might have to think again. Whether you have played 8 ball pool or are an amateur, potting a target ball or wielding the cue ball in an online 8 ball pool game can be tricky. The game is all about banking on your opponent’s mistakes to ride on a winning streak. Therefore, it’s essential to know the basics, rules, tips, and tricks of the game.

Here’s a quick 8 ball pool guide that will help you pot like a pro and capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.

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Key Focus Points

Time-Limit For Shots

When you take a shot in the game, each shot has a time limit within which you have to hit the cue ball. The timer can be seen around your player icon, which is green initially and turns yellow and red as the time is about to run out. Watch out for the timer, as missing your shot will give your opponent an upper hand.

Not hitting the Object Ball

At the beginning of the game, you are assigned a ball when you pot a ball without a foul. Once you are assigned either the stripes or solids, the opponent’s balls are marked by a cross sign indicating that you shouldn’t hit them. If you hit your opponent’s balls, it’s a foul, and if you miss your ball, you again give them the upper hand.

Knowing the Fouls

It is vital to understand and know all the common fouls in the game. For instance, potting the 8 ball before your last target ball ends your game. Other fouls such as hitting your opponent’s balls, potting the cue ball, and potting your opponent’s ball by mistake are all fouls. Being mindful of the fouls can help you play a better game.

Tips and Tricks to Pot like a Pro

Choose Your Table Wisely

One of the most important tips of the 8 ball guide is to follow while starting the 8 ball pool game is to choose the right tables. You should choose the table based on your experience and 8 ball pool skills. While the higher-stakes tables offer higher rewards, you may lose the game if you don’t have sufficient experience. Beginners and amateur players start with low-stakes tables and progress to higher tables with experience. To pocket your balls like a pro, playing on the right tables is crucial.

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Use the Spin Shot Frequently

Master the spin shots to easily pocket your balls. While playing the 8 ball pool game online, you can tap on the cue ball to adjust the spin on the ball before hitting with the cue stick. When you aim, there are two visible lines – one that shows the direction of the cue ball and the other shows the direction that the target ball will go in. For a perfect shot, you should use spin on the white ball to hit your assigned balls. The spin gives the desired direction to the white ball, which can be very useful when the lines show that the white ball will follow the colored ball. For example, while taking a shot, you observe that you may pot the cue ball along with the colored ball. In this case, if you apply a backspin, that will cause the cue ball to come back after hitting the colored ball. It isn’t easy to win the game at higher levels without knowing the right use of spin.

Stay a Step Ahead

Like a chess game, you should be thinking a step or two in advance in 8 ball pool as well. Always stay a step ahead in the game if you want to pot your balls before the opponent. For instance, if your assigned ball is at the tip of a pocket, you can leave it there and focus on potting other balls. The ball will block the pocket, and your opponent will not pocket the balls from that pocket.

Practice how to trap your opponents in Online Pool.

Perfect your Aiming

An important tip that beginners should learn is to perfect their aim right from the initial stages. Perfecting your aim will ensure you pocket the assigned balls easily, especially the easy ones close to the pockets. Use the lines formed while setting the aim with the cue stick to ensure the assigned balls go directly into the pockets. You should also bring the diamonds on the sides of the table to use to help with a better aim.

Practice with Mini Games & New Missions

Play the mini-games such as spin the wheel and lucky shot and participate in new missions to earn free coins, unlock cues, and other rewards. You can use the coins to play at higher tables when you have acquired sufficient experience.

Use this 8 ball pool guide effectively to win coins and cash prizes. For a winning streak, you should play at your pace, master the aiming, and analyze the game situation. With sufficient practice, the tips and tricks in this guide will help you defeat your opponents and win the game like a pro. Are you ready to try your next shot of the 8 Ball Pool game on MPL?

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