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8 Ball Pool – Top Tips to Play this Game Online in an Easy Way!

We are here to guide you to play the 8 ball pool game online in the simplest way possible. Read further to know some effective tips for playing this skills-based online pool game.


8 ball pool is one of those games that garnered massive popularity in recent times. People have been thoroughly enjoying this online pool game during the pandemic. It is so engaging that it could make you forget about the current state of our world. So amidst this lockdown, it would be great if we could maximize the fun and minimize the hassle.

As a beginner, you might not understand online 8 ball pool game but within a few games, you will get the hang of it. Like we mentioned earlier, no one is in the mood to think of complexities and everyone wants to relax. So we have brought you these simple ways through which the 8 ball pool becomes a lot easier to play.

Aim for Easier Shots

If there are easy shots readily available for you to hit, then pot those balls before they are disrupted from that ideal position. When you play pool game, your motive is to pot all your chosen balls before your opponent. So do not miss any chance to stay ahead of them in the game.

Disrupt Your Opponent’s Chances

If you do not have any shots to hit or you are sure that there is no way one of your balls could be potted, then hit one of your balls to nullify your opponent’s chances. Do this by moving their most obvious shots away from the potholes or land in a place where they cannot be hit properly.

Do not Pot the Wrong Balls

When you play pool game, be attentive and do not pot the wrong balls. Especially when you are trying to pull off the thing that we’ve mentioned right above. Don’t pot their balls to make the game harder for them, that would be laughable. Also, while potting your balls, make sure it doesn’t connect and pot the opponent’s ball too.

Choose the Balls Wisely

If you get a chance to select the ball types after the game (solid and striped), make sure that you choose them with a little bit of thought. You want to choose the ones that have been potted the most during the break and the ones that are spread in such a way that it is easier to pot them.

Hit with Precision

This will single-handedly make or break your game. Since this is the entire point of a traditional or online 8 ball pool game, it is important to hit your balls precisely so that they are smoothly potted. As a novice player, it will take you some time to learn this but everyone starts somewhere so there is no need to be too hard on yourself.

Master a Few Shots Instead of Many

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who practices 10000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10000 times”. We understand the appeal of knowing multiple kinds of shots, it makes you feel like you’re an experienced player. But mastering one-shot that you never miss is a lot more deadly than being average at multiple different shots.

Break the Clumped sections

It is common for balls to come together and hinder your space in the middle of a game. If the break has not been done properly, then focus on dispersing the balls again. A board where all the balls are clumped together makes it frustrating to play, especially when you’re trying to have a good time.

Pay Attention to the Time

Do not lose the track of time. Avoid being so submerged in the game that you miss your chance while playing. Hitting a missed shot is still better than not hitting at all. This is very common in an online 8 ball pool game where players usually lose the track of time.

Powerful Break

If you get the chance to break, use your power and precision to break in such a way that you pot multiple balls. This is risky territory because you might also pot the cue and 8 balls, but the probability is low so take your chances. There are numerous advantages to this when you play pool game.

Final Thoughts

These are important pointers you need to know to play the 8 ball pool game in an easy manner. If you were clueless earlier, this article will give you clarity about playing the skill-based online pool game. See for yourself on the MPL 8 ball pool app and take note of your drastic improvement. Keep playing online 8 ball pool to unlock new levels of this game. 


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