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8 Ball Pool: Understanding the Different Types of Online Pool Players

8 ball pool is an excellent game to meet new people. Not only will you learn about different playing styles but you will also find people from all walks of life with different personalities, especially while playing online pool game, because there is a greater scope of meeting people from all across the world. You must know about them because they will be your competitors in the near future and it is always good to be informed about your competitors. Online 8 ball pool is an interesting game, so naturally, we have thousands of players joining and playing the game everyday.

Now that so many people have started enjoying this online pool game, we can’t help but notice a pattern in all the players. If you are an ardent fan of this game, we thought you could use some of this data just to keep yourself informed. The players are so versatile that you will hardly meet two people from the same category while playing, which makes it exciting. If you are curious to know what kind of players you will meet while playing online 8 ball pool then here are all the personalities you will most likely meet. All of them are unique in their own way and we cherish every single one of them.


As the name suggests, newbies are players with no experience with online pool games.  They just hopped on the bandwagon because of the hype but nonetheless they are welcomed in our community. A newbie would probably miss the simplest shots back to back and that’s how you will distinguish them from the crowd.

Casual Player

A casual player only plays the online 8 ball pool game because maybe they got bored or they had nothing to do with their friends. They are not bad at the game but they aren’t exceptional either. Meaning, they look at it just as a game and nothing more or nothing less.


These are the people who take online pool games seriously. They want to learn about the game and win every chance they get. These are the geeks that you would find looking up an article on 8 ball. They could possibly be reading this right now!


The explorers love to experiment with their gameplay. You would find them attempting the most difficult shots and playing in the weirdest manner. They probably do not care much about winning or losing, they are just fascinated by the game.

Social Butterflies

Social butterflies are the ones who look at online 8 ball pool  games as a way to meet people and make new friends. They love playing and chatting at the same time, maybe they like the socializing part of the game more than the game itself.


These players have the winning spirit in them. No matter what, they do not like losing the game. Every game they play is fueled by their dedication and desire to win. They love the feeling of victory and cannot withstand when someone beats them.


No matter how hard the underdogs try, they just cannot play pool game like the rest. Their game play is messy and they keep missing the easiest of shots even after playing for a considerable amount of time. Do not be hard on such folks, help them improve if you can.


These are the guiding angels of Newbies and Underdogs, they know a lot about the game and are willing to teach anyone who wants to learn. They know the technicalities and the nitty gritties of the game, which makes them an ideal teacher.


The Master is admired by all, they have a flare in their gameplay that leaves everyone awestruck. After practicing the game for years, their talent oozes out of them. Once they get the cue, they do not stop without potting all their balls in one go.

Final Thoughts

So now you know what to expect from your next competitor. Analyze them to see whether they fall into one of these categories. Also, the next time you play 8 ball pool, try to see if one of these applies to you as well without any self-bias. Meet more such unique players on the MPL online pool game app and make new friends with the same interest. 8 ball pool game is only fun when you play with different people, this keeps you from being bored because there is so much variety.


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