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A Detailed Guide on How to Play Bubble Shooter


Some online games can get extremely difficult to grasp, they take a lot of practice to master and are quite frustrating to play. Most of these games need high-end devices with a specific amount of RAM and space. They are complex and sometimes even not worth the effort because they drain a lot of energy out of you. Such games are played by people of a certain demographic, which is usually young adults. This is the standard of most games in the market, every game is a copy of some other game. Amidst this chaos, the one game that has stood the test of time is Bubble Shooter. Having been around for years, Bubble Shooter is truly like a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for a wholesome game that is easy to play, less stressful and fun for all ages, Bubble Shooter is definitely the one. It ticks all boxes, for children as well as old people. The game does not promote violence and is ideal especially for a younger audience and acts as a stress buster for the older folks. Even though the game is quite simple to grasp, there are a few things that you should know before embarking on the bandwagon. The best thing about playing bubble shooter online is, you can master the game just with the knowledge of the basics. There is nothing fancy involved in this guide, just ordinary rules that will help you while playing. So here’s all that you will ever need to know about the bubble shooter game on MPL.

Basic Idea

When you play bubble shooter on MPL, you will be given a grid filled with bubbles that are placed at the upper part of the board/screen. At the bottom, a cannon is placed in the middle which shoots bubbles. You have to shoot these bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles of the same colour to burst them. Additional bubbles will be given to you during the game. The more bubbles you burst, the more points you will earn. The game is time-based and you need to burst the bubbles before your time runs out. That is the basic idea behind the bubble shooter game online.


When the game begins, your screen will display a grid of bubbles and a cannon. To shoot the bubbles from the cannon, you need to drag and lift your finger. A dotted line that matches the colour of the shooting bubble will appear, this is a guide for the direction of where the bubble will land on the grid. Now look for a place on the grid that has three or more bubbles that match with the one in the cannon. Once you’ve done this, shoot at the bubbles to burst them and earn points. A switch button is placed near the cannon to change the current bubble and replace it with the one that is next in line. You can also try to form a cluster and then shoot it to earn more points.


In the bubble shooter game online, you will be given 3 power-ups. The first one is Fireballs which helps to burst all the bubbles that are present in its line. The next one is ‘Bomb’ which explodes and bursts all the bubbles that surround it. Lastly, there is ‘wildbubble’ that can create a combination by matching with bubbles of any colour to burst them. These power-ups are essential for earning extra points which come handy for winning the game.

Score system

The scoring system of this game is simple to understand. You earn a point every time you burst a bubble. If you burst more bubbles in a single turn, you will score more. The game ends when the bubble grid reaches the bottom and you have to score as much as you can before that happens.

Additional tips

Join tournaments that align your skills. As a beginner, you should aim for the ones which are easy with less competition. Make sure you use all your power-ups only when needed and not randomly. Always aim for bubbles in a cluster and do not hesitate to switch the bubbles in cannon if the next in line can earn you more points. On MPL, the game supports both tournament and battle formats. In the tournament format, the objective of the players is to get the best high score by the time the tournament ends. You can also play live against another online player, where your objective is to score more than your opponent before the timer reaches zero.

Final Thoughts

The game is quite pleasant and easy to understand. The best part is, now you are fully equipped to play bubble shooter online. A good place to start would be the MPL app which has a great user-friendly bubble shooter game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

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