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A New Sensation in the Gaming Market – Free Fire Game

Cutting through the fiercest competitors in the Battle Royale genre, Garena’s Free Fire Game has made firm grounds in the gaming industry. Launched in the year 2017 on the 4th of December, Free Fire became one of the first Battle Royale games explicitly designed for mobile phone gamers. 111 Dots and Garena, the game’s developer and sole publisher respectively, have made it their primary goal to reach out to those masses possessing mid to low-level smartphones. 

The game is extremely popular across the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions. However, within a very short period, it spread across other parts of the world and is proudly competing with mobile versions of gaming giants like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. In India, the Free Fire Game has enthralled millions of gamers towards it, and several gaming platforms like the MPL apk are readily partnering with it. The free fire has scaled tremendously and is currently the new sensation in the gaming market. 

Here’s a brief analysis of how it has transitioned into the top Battle Royale games across the world.

A glance into the phenomenal transition of the Free Fire game

In 2019, that was just within two years of its launch, and Free Fire became the ‘most downloaded game of the year’, bagged several awards like the ‘best popular voted game’, and managed to make its place in Google Play’s ‘Best Apps of the year’ list. The game even made its gigantic $1 Billion revenue in the market and became India’s second-highest gaming revenue in 2019 as per Sensor Tower. With around 183 million downloads in 2018 to achieving a massive 500 million downloads in 2020 and 50 million active users on a daily basis, Free Fire has grown remarkably.

Though it gained immense fame all over the world, the primary market still lies within the Southeast Asian and Latin American population, especially in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangkok. The developers of the Free Fire game are aiming to make it a leading platform in the eSports industry and to pump their efforts; they launched the very first free Fire World Cup tournament in Bangkok in April 2019 for a reward of $100,000. Twelve of the 15,000 teams competing in the regional tournaments had chosen to battle in the world cup. A startling 270,000 people witnessed the event physically, and over 1.1 million gamers watched it live on YouTube.  

With such exemplary progress, Free Fire is undeniably a sensation in the gaming industry. Here are the key highlights that have contributed to its massive success:

Why Garena Free Fire is the new sensation?

  • Easy access and simple gaming mechanics

Whether it is PUBG, COD, or Fortnite, the very first mobile versions of these games weren’t compatible with mid to low-level smartphones; thus, preventing a large proportion of gamers from developing countries from accessing them. And when the Free Fire Game was launched, it took the gaming industry by storm as it was readily playable on mobile phones with just 1GB RAM. It was readily available to masses of all levels and classes, thereby becoming a game ‘for all’. Currently, though PUBG mobile and COD mobile have enhanced their accessibility, Free Fire still enjoys better engagement from its loyal fan-base.

Moreover, the easy gaming mechanics, which even first-time gamers can quickly interpret, is another reason why Free Fire is so popular. Unlike PUBG or Fortnite, where it takes a while to realize the gaming strategies, the Free Fire Game boasts a very simple, easy to understand, and a hassle-free setup. Moreover, it has a small gaming arena with just 50 players and a limited time of around 10 minutes before the map shrinks; which creates an intense and thrilling playing environment for the gamers.

  • Innovative in-game events and strategies

Garena surely knows how to keep the buzz alive, as it consistently props up amazing updates, tournaments, and challenges for the Free Fire players. New freebies and exciting rewards in the form of gun skins, lifelines, costumes, etc. is another attractive feature. Recently, the developers took a step further and are teaming with popular celebrities and YouTubers by creating their gaming characters to haul more and more number of players towards the game. The Free Fire Game already has a set of unique characters to choose from, and the addition of these famous personalities in the list is a remarkable improvement.

  • Localization and regular updates

The Southeast Asian continent is a culturally rich area with a variety of festivals and corporate events. Free Fire developers have taken this to their advantage and are characterizing the game’s interface according to local events and celebrations. Whether it is the Thailand New Year or a Singaporean festival, Garena modifies the gaming interface to represent the culture and occasion. This immediately connects the audiences to the game and intrigues them towards it.

  • Commendable user engagement

The most striking factor of Free Fire is the frequency and consistency with which new features, characters, challenges, and rewards are upgraded in the game. Moreover, the developers make sure that they keep interacting and responding to their fan base regularly on various social media platforms. They answer their queries and track their requests to give them the best gaming experience.

How to play Free Fire with Friends

Free fire allows both single and multiplayer gaming options, which are even available on the MPL apk. In order to add your friends for a multiplayer challenge, here are the few steps you must follow:

  • Firstly, note down your teammates’ in-game user IDs and log into your Free Fire account. 
  • Once you log in, you enter into the game lobby and can find your user ID on the top left corner. 
  • To add players into your game, click on the icon of a human on the top right corner of the lobby. On the resultant page, type your friends’ user IDs, one at a time, and keep pressing ‘add friend’ to include them into your team. 
  • If you have your Facebook linked to your Free Fire account, then you can even add your friends through their Facebook names. 
  • If the IDs you entered are right, then your teammates will receive a notification in their lobby, accepting which, you all are added in each other’s friend lists. 
  • After your friend list is complete, you can either play in duos or squads depending on whether you are just two or more than two players in the game.


With an excellent accessibility, affordability, simple yet attractive mechanism, and an adrenaline-pumping gaming interface, the Free Fire game is scaling as the top e-sport in the Battle Royale genre. Currently, Garena is planning a sequel of this game with much better and advanced gaming technology. Its future operations are in full force to bring about many other improvements to serve the community with the best gaming experience ever.

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