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A Quick and Simple Beginners’ Guide to Play Online Quiz

The advent of mobile gaming has opened the floodgates for some truly exciting games to be at our fingertips. New and entertaining games have made their way onto smartphones all over the world, while some classics have adapted themselves. A number of our favourite games are now available to play online, but none are as exhilarating as online quiz games. If you find online quiz games interesting, and have wanted to get started here is an easy, quick and simple guide for you.

1. Fastest Finger Wins.

If you are a beginner at online quiz games, the first thing you must always keep in mind is that all of them have a timer. Whether you are playing by yourselves, or playing against an opponent, online quiz games will always have a timer. In order to play quiz online effectively, you must be quick and decisive with your answers.

The MPL Quiz has a number of formats for their online quiz game. This gives users a lot of options to choose from. These formats range from one-on-one with another opponent, to two player battle to answer the most questions correctly. Both of these formats of the online quiz game on MPL have timers. This adds an emphasis on the necessity to not just know the right answer, but to pick one faster than your opponent. It is therefore important to note on the most crucial attributes to become an online quiz game champion – SPEED.

2. Learn Multiple Formats.

When you play online quiz games, some platforms give you an option to pick a subject, or topic for the quiz. For example, you can decide for which subject you would like to play an online quiz game. If you are a Bollywood buff, the online quiz on the MPL Pro App offers you the chance to test out your knowledge against an opponent. On the other hand, if you are a Mathematics maven, or a Cricket connoisseur, you can play specific quiz games for either.

To become an undisputed champion of the online quiz world, you must be an expert on all subjects. It is quite possible to become the master of one, but things cease to be challenging. A Bollywood buff can explore the world of Cricket, and try to become the best at something new. If you have just started to play online quiz games, this is your opportunity to expand the horizons of your knowledge. Push the limits of your general knowledge, and soak up everything there is to know about new topics. This way, you can be the best and always up for a challenge no matter what.

3. Be An Expert On Current Events.

This may be one of the most repeated tips for online quiz players, but it still proves to be one of the most important, and the most effective. Without having your finger on the pulse of the world, there is always potential for a quiz lover to make mistakes. Things change all over the world within the blink of an eye, and so do the answers to several questions.

An important global event could alter the nature of facts you know by a significant margin. If something like this occurs, and you aren’t in the habit of reading or watching the news, you might end up selecting the wrong answer. Ask any seasoned online quiz player, and they will tell you one thing they never stopped doing – staying up-to-date regarding current events. Not only does it help you become the best at online quiz games, it can also help you be a conversational wizard in your social life.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge Anyone.

On the MPL Pro App, you can challenge and compete against some of the most accomplished online quiz masters. Some beginners would be intimidated, and feel like they are not yet ready to challenge them. Instead, we would suggest you must challenge any player regardless of their level.

This fearlessness, and competitive edge will not only help you gain confidence, but also help you learn from the best. You can observe, and decode the secrets of becoming an expert online quiz player when you constantly play with such opponents. You may not even recognize how impactful this activity can be on your own game subconsciously.

5. Perfect Your Favorite Subjects.

As we mentioned before, it is of utmost importance to broaden your horizons and try to master all kinds of general knowledge subjects. However, it is also important to keep knowledge of your favourite subjects sharper. For example, if you are a Cricketer who bats extremely well. It is paramount for you to keep your batting skills as sharp as you can, while attempting to get better at other factors of the game. These could include fielding, bowling and even throwing the ball at the wickets. In this way, you not only improve the weaker areas of your knowledge, but also make your strong qualities stronger.

These important guidelines will help any beginner become an online quiz whiz in no time. Are you excited to get started, and beat the best to be the best? Download the MPL Pro App and register today. Play the most interesting online quiz games on topics like Cricket, Bollywood, Maths and more with thousands of opponents from all over India.


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