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Advanced Strategies for Online Bubble Shooter To Help You Win Like A Pro

The bubble shooter game in general is an easy and interactive game to play.  One can easily find and play bubble shooter on the MPL application. However, one needs to know some basic rules to play this game. However, it is crucial to level up as the game gets tougher with each level. Hence, here are a few advanced tips and tricks that one can use in their game when they go ahead to play the bubble shooter game online on the MPL app. These tips and tricks will help you get better at the game. The bubble shooter online game is competitive and thus demands high-level gaming skills when you get into the tough levels. Hence, here are some of the best and easy advanced level tips that you can use for bubble shooter online.

Task-based Game

The game does not have a set task that you need to achieve. The game in fact lets you fire at will and create your own path as you move ahead in the scoreboard. However, to get better significantly at the game it is advisable that you set down tasks. What you will need to do in this scenario is to set mental tasks when it comes to the bubbles. Try setting a task to clear the purple bubbles for example, the blue bubbles.

Map Out Objectives

This will help you reach your objective faster and in significantly lesser time depending on your play. Once you do this and get used to it, the habit will help you benefit as the time won’t be a problem for you anymore. You can play the bubble shooter game without the fear of time running out and score big points and even some combos.

Map Out the Bubbles

When the bubble shooter game online starts you will have a plethora of options that you can choose from in your head. One of the best ways to gain maximum points is to map out the bubbles that are on your screen. When you map it out, you will know exactly what you have to do to achieve a desired result.  You will know exactly how much points you will gain and use the powerups where you are stuck. Try to analyse the bubbles and their position, this will help when you try to fire the bubbles in a particular direction.

Know the Positions of the Bubbles

Once you know the position of the bubbles they will change only when you clear the lower bubbles or clear as you go ahead. The bubbles will come down but by that time you have already analysed a major part of the game to go ahead and earn big points. From there you will only have to focus on using the powerups to clear spots that you cannot get to or find difficult to claim.

Take Your Time

Despite the timer being beside your screen at all times warning you of time flowing away. You don’t necessarily have to worry about it. You can take your time and set things in place for your play. The game is easy but requires patience to win. Thus you will have to understand the bubbles and their positions to strike big points in the game. When you do strike big points you will climb up the leaderboard charts and thus become the ultimate champion. Hence it is advisable that you not worry too much about the time and focus on your game instead.

Be Attentive

You will not be able to give your full attention to the game if you are concerned only with the time. As you play just glance at the timer a few times and get back to your bubble shooter game. The bubble shooter game online is not a race that you have to compete in a record time. It is a fun game to help you win points, which is the main objective of the game. Therefore, focus on the points and use the time just as an aspect of the game and not the whole game itself.

Final Thoughts:

The bubble shooter game is one of the easiest games to play on the MPL app. Using the right tips and tricks can help any player become really good at bubble shooter online. Amateurs can happily play bubble shooter without knowing the game and eventually learning the craft of it by becoming better players in the long run in a shorter span of time. Even a beginner starting out on bubble shooter game online can use these tips to get better and dominate the game from their first game itself on the MPL app.


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