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Top 10 Arcade Games for Android

As you might know, arcade gaming is one of the most popular gaming genres—millions of players around the globe play arcade games. The most intriguing factor about arcade games is that they generally feature short playtimes and challenges coupled with simple gameplay.

The gaming industry has come a long way since the introduction of arcade games in the 70s. Nothing can beat nostalgia, even when there are plenty of new games with cutting-edge graphics and cinematic storylines. Arcade games for android devices are a fascinating blend of the creativity of the past and modern-day technology.

In the olden days, one could play arcade games on a coin-operated gaming machine. Many millennial gamers are often driven by nostalgia and want to play them on their Android smartphones. Luckily for them, it is possible to play some of the classic arcade games even now.

Here is our curated list of the best arcade games for Android smartphones:

The Best Arcade Games for Android

1. Pac-Man

No list of arcade games is complete without featuring the iconic Pac-Man. You can now find multiple versions of this game available on the Google Playstore.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Pac-Man experience, the ideal choice is to get Bandai-Namco’s free app. Catch and consume all the fruits (and pac-dots) while cruising through the maze but don’t fall prey to the ghost.

Game Features:

• Enjoy original mazes on the classic 8-bit arcade mode

• Exciting tournament mode

• Updated set of mobile mazes

• Daily missions to earn tokens

• Great animation & sound effects

2. Fruit Chop

Fruit chop - top 10 arcade games for android

Fruit Chop is undoubtedly one of the most popular and addictive games in arcade gaming history. It is a fruit swipe-style arcade game where you swipe your screen to chop colourful fruits bouncing about while steering clear of bombs. You stand better chances of winning with a higher score. MPL offers a splendid platform to play the Fruit Chop game online and win cash rewards. It’s time to unleash your inner ninja.

Game Features:

• Playable in 1v1 battle mode

• Earn bonus points for chopping multiple fruits in a single go

• Both battle and tournament formats are available

• The game ends after 3 misses

• Play against up to 4 players simultaneously

3. Fruit Dart

Another fun online arcade game available on the MPL app is Fruit Dart. The game’s goal is to throw knives and slice the fruits that pop up on the screen. The player can release the darts by touching anywhere on the screen. Each sliced fruit will fetch the player points, and the score is constantly updated. Slicing two or more fruits using the same knife will fetch additional points for the player.

Fruit Dart is an exciting game that offers a mix of entertainment and thrills. Avoid messing with the occasional bombs but remember to slice the maximum number of fruits in the given time limit. You can also collect power-ups that pop up alongside the fruits. Coordination of reactions, reflexes, and vision is what the Fruit Dart game is all about. To score higher points, you need to be fast and careful not to strike any bombs.

Game Features:

• Playable in a 1v1 battle mode

• Earn more points by slicing multiple fruits in a single go

• Both battle and tournament formats are available

• Use the power-ups (5) to achieve higher bonus points

• Each game is set to 3 minutes

4. Fruit Slice

A skill-based arcade game that you should definitely try on the MPL App is Fruit Slice. The game’s objective is to slice as many fruits in a circular rotating array of fruits until the player misses hitting a fruit for 3 times. Every time a fruit is sliced using the circular blade that the player launches, the score gets automatically updated.

It is up to the player to grind all fruits to make a delicious fruit cocktail. What’s more – you can score high and earn real money rewards by playing. What’s unique about the MPL version of Fruit Slice is its Shuriken which needs to be aimed at the cluster of rotating fruits for slicing them. Most other games use a sword or a knife. While the slicing part sounds fun, it may not be as easy as you expect. The game is an engaging blend of vision and reaction going hand-in-hand.

Game Features:

• Playable in a 1v1 battle mode

• Slice multiple fruits in one go to earn combo points

• Both battle and tournament formats are available

• Lose a life if your Shuriken fails to hit any fruit

• Play against up to 4 players simultaneously

5. Bubble Shooter

One of the best arcade games you can play on the MPL app is Bubble Shooter. The game’s main objective is to clear the playing space by forming clusters of 3 or more bubbles of the same colour. When the bubbles make it to the bottom of the screen, the game is finished. The more bubbles you burst in one shot, the higher the points you score. A player wins when no bubbles remain in the playing space.

When you play Bubble Shooter, you get bubbles of two colours. You can launch any based on your strategy. You can also swap between two bubbles using the swap button at the screen’s bottom-left corner. Players can fix their aim using the dotted line and see where the bubbles will land before shooting.

Game Features:

• Target the cluster of bubbles at the top

• Drag the cannon left or right and lift your finger to fire

• Combine 3 (or more) bubbles to burst and score points

• Watch out for power-up bubbles

• Playable in both tournament & battle formats

6. Hoops

If you have a thing for basketball, one of the top arcade games to play on MPL is Hoops. It is a simple game wherein the player has to shoot the ball into the basket that is shown on the screen. The shooting process is a simple drag and release. Use your fingers to angle the shot along the dotted line and release it to shoot into the basket.

The more difficult the angle to get a clean shot, the higher the points. Try to score as high as possible before the timer ends. Cards will be auto-applied in the gameplay once the card timer reaches zero. There are different types of cards available.

Game Features:

• The cards available include XXL Hoop, Magnet, Wind, and more

• The card timer is set to 90 seconds

• The shooting angles are pre-determined by the game

• Playable in the form of free or cash battles

7. Pinball Arcade

A perfect throwback to the 70s, Pinball Arcade, is one of the most enjoyable arcade games out there. Android users can now relive the glory of playing pinball on machines by downloading the app from the Play Store. It is a game that can simply never go out of style. However, instead of playing glass-top pinball at the arcade, the app replicates the experience in a fun, engaging way. Pinball Arcade is often referred to as the grand-daddy of all Android arcade games.

Game Features:

• Splendid reimagining of all-time pinball tables

• Superb 3D graphics, sound effects, and animations

• 70+ classic pinball tables to try

8. Double Dragon Trilogy

All 3 versions of the beat ‘em up classic Double Dragon are now available for Android. Smash your enemies as you make your way across the street. Punch them, kick them or execute them with different kinds of weapons (like Nunchaku or Shuriken) that you find along the way.

This game is a lot of fun to play for anyone who has grown up in the 80s or 90s. You must have played the 8-bit version of this game either at the local gaming arcade or on your home television. The app allows you to play in both story and arcade mode. You also have the option to play Double Dragon Trilogy with your mates on co-op play via Bluetooth.

Game Features:

• 2 exciting game modes: Story and Arcade

• Controls are fully customisable

• Play in 3 difficulty levels: mobile, original, and expert

• Play co-op mode using Bluetooth connectivity

• Gamepad support is enabled; compatible with Android controllers

9. Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a classic sci-fi, space-shooting game straight from the late 70s. This Android-friendly version of Space Invaders allows you to experience the arcade cult classic through your smartphones.

The premise of the game is pretty simple. Protect our planet Earth from the alien invaders by blasting them with cannons. Even when decades have passed, this fun-filled game has its fair share of modern followers and remains one of the best arcade games to exist in this era. It is really no surprise that Space Invaders appeals to the Gen-Z and the Gen Alpha demographies as well. Get it on GooglePlay now!


• Four screen modes are available

• 3 methods of control: on-screen, touch and drag, and tilt

• Plenty of bonus extras that include rare memorabilia from the original game

10. Dragon’s Lair

At one point, Dragon’s Lair was known as the king of arcade games. The Android version of this classic game comes packed with lots of nostalgia and fun, especially for those whose childhoods were defined by it. One of the best arcade games there is, Dragon’s Lair is now available on Android.

The amazing hand-drawn cartoon style of graphics is one of the game’s major selling points. Not many games out there can stand up to Dragon’s Lair from a storytelling perspective. The game’s goal is to guide the hero, Dirk The Daring, navigate the lair and use his weapon (sword) to defeat his enemy, the Evil Wizard Mordroc.

Game Features:

• Fully compatible with Android phones and tablets

• Hand-drawn graphics and animations borrowed from the original

• Remastered in-game footage

Honourable Mentions

A list of 10 may not exactly suffice when it comes to the best arcade games for android. Therefore, we would like to add some honourable mentions.

Galaga Wars – Save the galaxy from total disaster by guiding the iconic heroic ship. Fire up and shoot enemy spaceships en route to the alien mothership, the big boss Galaga.

Angry Birds Classic – Set to awesome sound effects and score, manoeuvre the birds to destroy the pigs and their blocks, earn points, and level up.

Subway Surfers – Players assume the role of a graffiti artist who is on the run after “tagging” a metro railway site, making their way through railroad tracks to flee from the inspector and his dog.

Sonic Dash – The objective of Sonic Dash is to avoid hindrances and baddies while collecting rings. Players must complete objectives in the mission mode. 

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