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Basic Rummy Strategies for Beginners

Rummy is a card game that is loved by players across the world. With the introduction of online games, players can now learn and play from the comfort of their homes. MPL is one such platform that you should definitely explore. However, many newbies still have doubts about playing the rummy game and many still don’t know how to play and win. Here are some of the rummy basics for both newbies and intermediate-level players, which could be useful when playing the game on MPL.

Here are some of the rummy basicsthat you can follow and increase your chances of winning rummy tournaments.

  1. Organization of cards
  • Organizing your cards is a good practice rather than a rummy basicsstrategy. You will be able to manage your cards better if you organize your cards correctly. 
  • Ensure that you organize your cards according to color.
  •  It is easier to distinguish the suits if you organize your cards according to color. 
  • Rearrange your cards so you can get a clearer idea of when you will be able to complete the game.
  1. Guess it Right
  • If you can guess what cards your competitors could be holding, you may have an advantage. This can allow you to make better decisions during the game. 
  • This is a popular strategy among expert players and helps them make smart moves quickly. If you are aware of what cards your competitor needs from you, you can decide to hold on to those cards.
  • You can try to guess the cards your opponent is holding by memorizing the cards which they have dropped.
  1. Don’t just Play, Play like a Rummy Player
  • Look for opportunities to confuse your opponent. This may force your opponent to commit mistakes. 
  • Another strategy is to discard value cards.  This could mislead your opponents into thinking that you’re about to complete the game.
  1. Understand the Joker
  • The joker can help you meld your cards into strings and sets. Occasionally, you might find it tough to meld your cards due to the cards that are lost. 
  • You’ll have the ability to substitute cards In case you’ve got a Joker. 
  • You should use it judiciously and appreciate the role of this card. This is an important part of rummy basics.
  • In case you’ve got a joker in hand after your pure sequences are formed , you can try to reduce points in your hand and complete as many sets as possible. 
  1. Don’t lose your cards
  • Rummy is a game of drop and draw. Discarding your value cards will allow you to reduce your points in case the match is finished by somebody else. 
  • Discard value cards that you think aren’t helpful to meld sequences and sets. Occasionally you might have to hold on to large cards.
  • There could be situations where your competitor needs a top card. This is one of the most important rummy basics.
  1. Understand the strategies of other players
  • Ability and perfection come with regular practice. Once you’re a seasoned player, you will be able to use various strategies effectively to beat the competition. 
  • It is recommended that you get to know the fundamentals of the sport, play free rummy games, register in tournaments for newer players, and gradually build your ability to compete in larger tournaments.
  1. Try to guess the opponent’s cards
  • Think about what cards your opponent might be holding. Knowing what cards your competitor has makes it easier to make decisions about what cards you need to shed. 
  • For example, in case your competitor needs the king of hearts to finish a run together with the queen of hearts and jack of heart, it would be wise to hold on to that card for a while.
  • Tracking the pile makes it possible to keep track of if the cards you want to throw have been already thrown.
  •  You cannot examine the heap for hints, so remember the cards that are discarded.


Rummy is not a very difficult game to learn. Almost anyone can learn it quite easily if they are interested and practice playing rummy on a regular basis. You can try out some of these rummy basicsin your games and be well on your way to becoming a pro. Also, if you play rummy on MPL, you could even make real money. MPL is a platform on which you can play rummy and many other fun games from the comfort of your home. Now that you know the rummy basics, you can start playing online on MPL.

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