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Best Skill Based Games to Play During the Pandemic


As the name suggests, skill based games are those whose eventual results depend on the user’s skill and not on luck or chance. Skill based gaming has become a popular niche in recent times. Skill games are not just a mode of enjoyment but have also turned into a source of earning for many people. And when it comes to skill based online games, MPL is certainly your one-stop destination. Whether you are looking for fantasy sports, card games, puzzle games, or action games, you can find every game under one roof.

The pandemic has forced most people to stay indoors, and during these tough times, people have found solace in online games. Fantasy cricket, rummy, and poker are real money games that have grown by leaps and bounds, and people love playing them. In addition, some of the casual games have also seen their stocks rise. A game of skill requires patience, deep-rooted knowledge and a lot of effort from the user’s end, unlike a game of chance where everything depends on luck.

Here, we will discuss some of the best skill based games that people have loved playing during the pandemic.

1) Card Games

A card game such as Rummy is one of the most popular and traditional games that has been played over centuries in India. Now, with people forced to be home due to COVID 19, they have turned their attention towards online skill based games such as Rummy, Call Break, Poker and Solitaire. Rummy is possibly the oldest and most popular card game to be played in India. Now, even the online version has become a rage, and MPL is undoubtedly your one-stop destination for not just Rummy but all card games.

There are different variants of Online Rummy you can play, such as:

  • 13-Card Rummy
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Apart from Rummy, Call Break is another skill based game that has been extremely popular. The game is similar to Spades and is played with a 52-card deck between 4 players. Similarly, Poker and Solitaire are two card games that have become a crowd favourite during the pandemic.

2) Sports Games

Sports is the backbone of any nation. It unites people, gives them a sense of patriotism, and pumps up the adrenaline like no other. The effects of the pandemic were most fiercely seen on the sports industry and people actively involved in outdoor sports.

However, the mobile gaming industry has ensured that people do not miss out on their sporting activities by bringing up different games on their devices. Sports games have really taken off during the pandemic, with people realizing this is the closest they will get to actually playing the game during these tough times. And MPL has been at the forefront in bringing sports back into people’s lives during the pandemic.

Sports games such as Archery and Bowling have seen huge numbers during the pandemic, while people have also taken a liking to Soccer Royale, Pool Champs, Basketball and Hoops.

The one big reason behind Sports Games being so popular on MPL is the amazing game physics and user experience the app provides. The game’s aesthetics are pretty similar to how you will feel when you actually play the game outdoors, plus the competition is tough. And the best bit is that you can win huge prizes every day by playing these sports games.

3) Fantasy Sports

The field of fantasy sports has really taken off during the pandemic, and its demand is growing daily. Sports is the crux of any nation and more so in India. While cricket is the heartbeat of the country, the likes of football, kabaddi, and basketball too have a massive fan following.

This is a major reason why people in India showed keen interest when fantasy sports were introduced. Initially, there was a lot of debate about whether fantasy sports came under the purview of a chance-based or skill game. However, it was quickly established that fantasy sports purely fall under skill based gaming.

The concept of fantasy sports is simple. You create a team of players from a real-life match being played anywhere in the world, assign a captain and vice-captain and register it. Your team gets points based on the performance of the players you have selected.

While this process looks simple, you need to have a deep knowledge of the sport and build a team using careful analysis. There are plenty of fantasy sports available in India, such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy baseball, etc. Fantasy sports gives a chance to users to win real cash prizes and similar rewards every single day.

4) Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have proven to be one of the best ways to spend time during the pandemic. These types of games are interesting. They help you rack your brain, improve your observational skills, act as a stress buster and help in winning huge prizes and money.

There are different types of puzzle games that are available all over the internet. During the pandemic, puzzle games piqued the interest of people in a major way. Being forced to sit at home, these enjoyable skill based puzzle games suddenly became something that many people looked forward to every day.

Block Puzzle, Bloxmash, Color Roller, Build up, and Poker Puzzle are some of the games which saw a huge surge during the pandemic. All of the aforementioned games are available on the MPL gaming app, and you can spend some quality time playing them. The best part about these games is that while you can play them for free, you can also win real cash prizes as well.

On MPL, there are tournaments and battles available for each of the puzzle games. You can enter these battles, compete with other players and win big every single day.

5) Action Games

Who doesn’t love action games? They keep the adrenaline pumping and your competitive spirit alive. While youngsters have mostly been attracted to action games, of late, especially during the pandemic, we have seen people of all ages try their hands at action games.

Bike games, running games or shooting games all have garnered equal attention. Space Combat is one such game that is based in outer space. The user has to shoot down the incoming danger and save his space shuttle. In addition, he also has to collect gems and other similar weapons on the way to increase his potency. Space Combat is one of the most popular action games available on the MPL app and has become a crowd favourite during the pandemic.

Some of the other action games which became hugely popular during the pandemic were Bottle Shooting, City Surfers, Space Breaker, Ball Blaster and Bike Racing. You can take part in any of these games and not only win for fun but actual money.

There are different tournaments available for each of these games, and you can win big each time you play them.

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