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Board Games Are Back in India With Ludo Leading The Way!

Ludo is amongst one of the most popular and easiest board games to play. This pandemic, the players have gone back to playing the classic online board games. Online games have become a great source of entertainment during this lockdown. Because of this, these board games are currently on the rise. Ludo is one such online game that has taken over India and there are a number of reasons why. But the number of players who have been playing Ludo online game are certainly a testament to its popularity. Amongst those is our online Ludo game that will manage to keep you out of boredom easily. It not only fulfils the entertainment criteria of the game but also gives you chances to win exciting rewards. 
Yes, MPL has brought to you their Ludo online game that gives everyone the opportunity to earn rewards for their performance in the game and compete with real players. All you need to do is play the Ludo game on MPL and keep winning. The rewards for each game get decided according to the performance of each player. This can be monitored by looking at the live leaderboards of the respective game. Currently, this online Ludo game has taken over the mobile gaming industry with a storm. As exciting and fun it seems, winning is certainly not an easy take here. Ludo might seem easy and fun but the players certainly need to be alert and tactical to win the game. There are a number of tactics that a player can use to dominate the players in the game. Similarly, there are a number of other factors that make Ludo game one of the top tier board games that have taken over India. So without any further delay, let’s dig into why the Ludo board game is mostly played by the people among other board games.

A Fun Way To Kill Time

Ludo online is just the application you needed to kill some extra time you have got on you. Starting the actual Ludo game in just seconds after the application is launched, Ludo will certainly kill your boredom in just minutes. Since there are modes like free play, the players can keep on trying to beat their opponents which will just improve their Ludo online game skill set. Players can even participate in online tournaments that have been set up by MPL themselves. After entering in the ongoing tournament, you can also restart the game as many times as you wish, and in the end, rewards will be given as per the leaderboard. This has thus been one of the most attractive parts of Ludo online game in MPL.

Real Players

Well, it is certainly not fun to play an online game against a bot. Thus MPL has the unique feature that matches real players against each other. At a time, 4 players can be in an online Ludo game. This makes the game even more competitive and engaging for the players. Each player will be given a particular set of time to roll the dice and move their pieces. Bringing in real players could also open up the factor of the game being hacked. But in MPL Ludo game, the players need to worry about it. Each game has been protected by MPL Strict Fair Play Policy. According to the rules, the players are not allowed to use 3rd party applications or tools that might tamper the results. The players will get banned for a day their 1st offence, banned for 7 days for their 2nd offence and banned permanently for their 3rd offence. This has also been one of the major attraction points that have got the online gamers hooked to MPL’s Ludo online game.

The Transformation From An Old Indian Game To A Popular Online Game

Ludo has originated from an old Indian strategy board game called Pachisi that was meant to be played amongst 4 players. Ludo also has a number of different varieties that have been played by players from all over the globe. With time, the game Ludo has also been transforming and changing accordingly. After years of trial and error, the players have finally managed to come to terms with current online game Ludo. There are a number of different rules and regulations players need to follow while playing the game. Like the players can not move their pieces until they get a six or a one. All of these can be mastered by practising and by playing the maximum number of games you can play.


These are a set of points that certainly attract players to the Ludo online game on MPL app. MPL has over 50 different games to play on their platform that might just transform your gaming experience into a fun and rewarding time. Regardless of which Battle or free mode you are playing, Ludo will surely bring in an intense and fun experience of gaming right to you. With time and consistent practise, you will manage to master the online board game Ludo in just a matter of days. Thus investing hours for some games where you can earn rewards as per the leaderboard and earn real money is certainly a smart technique to use your time. Apart from the rewards, the simple fun of playing a board game is certainly a great source of entertainment for you.


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