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Bubble Shooter Game Tips & Tricks – How to Clear The Field in Quickest Possible Time

The Bubble shooter game on the MPL app is one of the most immersive and fun games to play online. The game is quite a laidback game when compared to other games in the online gaming space. The Bubble shooter game is based on the player’s attention and game sense to burst out maximum bubbles before the timer ends. The game requires its players to take out as many bubbles as possible in a given time. Despite its intimidating time set up, the game offers ample space for players to relax or even play the Bubble shooter game online on the MPL app while on the go. However, there are a few tips and tricks one would like to consider before diving into the game. Thus, here is a list of a few Bubble shooter tricks and Bubble shooter tips that you can incorporate in your next game. These tips and tricks may help to make you a better player.

Tips and Tricks for Bubble Shooter Game Online

Use The Time to Your Advantage

Often in the Bubble shooter game the player ends to focus on the time rather than work with it. In this case the time can prove to be a vital help for those trying to master the game. The countdown starts once the game begins. However, use the time to prioritise your bubble moves. In due time the powerups and various other string reactions may come around. Use these to your advantage and scorer maximum points. The time will count down and thus try to use most of the time to fill in crucial and difficult bubbles of the game. Once you clear that out, you can proceed to clear the easier ones as you have time left. Thus, prioritizing your goals can help you get a better score.

Using Power Ups

The powerups in the game are there to assist the player when things get tough or get out of your control. A certain colour of bubble often causes problems to the player as it keeps creating a chain that threatens to touch the screen and end the game. It is during such times that the power ups come in use. You can choose between here variants of powerups, where each one of them serve a different purpose. Understand their purpose well and aim them correctly to land them on the desired shot. Doing this will ensure that your bubble problem is resolved and will also help you to clear out other bubbles as well.

Try Creating a Chain Reaction

It is quite common for players to get carried away in a game like Bubble shooter online. However, one must try to focus as the game is essentially a points game. The basic rule of the game requires players to create 3 bubbles of similar colour to have it burst out. However, try strategizing your goals in such a way that you create a chain reaction. Place your coloured bubbles in a way that the next colour of bubbles also gets affected and busted with your next shot. Doing this will ensure that you not only score a combo but also get better at planning and attention. Thus, try to look out for patterns and colours that are most likely to burst with one or two moves. Try creating the reaction and burst the bubbles at will. You can also do this with the powerups placed for you, or without it as well.

Aim Well

The Bubble shooter game online comes with a series of dotted lines that work as scope for better aiming. When you play bubble shooter use the scope of dotted lines to fire at will at desired places. Often the dotted lines scope can prompt you to hit a different direction, however as a player it is your call to fire at the direction you desire. Thus, try to get familiar with the scope so that you eventually benefit the most from it. 

The scope in the game will help you aim at crucial and tough spots as well. One can be finding it quite difficult to aim at certain corners of the game. It is at this time that the scope comes in use and can be used to get the perfect shot. One must make sure to keep their hands steady while aiming at tricky spots as the bubble will most likely follow the same path as predicted by the scope.

Go for Points

One of the most crucial Bubble shooter tips is to let the player know that they are playing for points and not to clear the bubbles. Often, players who play bubble shooter focus on clearing the bubbles in the rows and forget about the points in general. To become a better Bubble shooter online player, one must focus on the points aspect of the game. There are various elements in the game that can help build your score and thus put a player on the top level. This one of the most important Bubble shooter tricks is to play for the points and the bubbles will clear out as the game goes on.

Final Thoughts

Bubble shooter online is one of the easiest games that any beginner can play. The game focuses on the points of the player and thus it is a fun ride to play the game in general. Since the game is available on the MPL Pro App, you can play the Bubble shooter game online  on the go or while simply relaxing as well. 


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