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Bubble Shooter – The Most Engaging Game of All Time

Bubbles are tiny little circles floating in the air, made of soap, breakable in an instance are reminiscent of many of our childhoods. It keeps the young ones entertained for hours and they’ll barely ever complain. Here, we have managed to give you guys an opportunity to go back in time and relive the days you remember fondly in a unique way.

MPL has brought their bubble shooter game that has certainly managed to dominate the mobile gaming industry.  Bubble shooter online is a popular game that can be played on MPL to win and the players can even get some exciting prizes according to their performance. Rewarding yourself has never been as fun of an experience. So bring out the child in you and have a blast in this version of the game of bubbles. All the players need to do is burst as many bubbles as possible. But they will also get a number of prizes for doing so. It is extremely easy to understand and minimal in fuss. It can also be used as a great time killer as it is capable of taking up many of your hours and pull you out of boredom.

Easy and Fun Time Killer

Bubble shooter online game might just be the application you needed to kill some extra time you have got on you. Starting the actual shooting game in just seconds after the application is launched, Bubble shooter will dissipate your boredom in just minutes. Since there are unlimited tries, the players can keep on trying to beat their previous high scores which will just improve their Bubble online shooter game skill set. They can even participate in online tournaments that have been set up by MPL themselves. They can participate in the ongoing tournament as many times as you wish, and in the end, rewards are given as per the leaderboard. 

Interesting Power-ups 

MPL has even added some power-ups to their game that has certainly managed to attract a huge wave of players to their Bubble shooter game. Sometimes you might be stuck in a situation where there is no open cluster of bubbles to break.  Not only the colour combination of the bubbles but the players will also have to keep a track of the timer that makes the game even more intense. To avoid this, the players will need to come up with some tactics to burst the perfect colour combination of bubbles in order to win the game. 

The players will also have power-ups to help clear the playing field.  Using power-ups like ‘Fireball’ will help the players by bursting all the bubbles in a row. Similarly, using the ‘Bomb’ powerup will break through a cluster of bubbles at a time. 

Competitive and Rewarding Tournaments

To make the games even more competitive, MPL has also created tournaments for Bubble shooter online where the players can earn rewards as per the leaderboard. After you have mastered the entire tactical approach to play Bubble Shooter, you can compete in a tournament created on the MPL app. The players are required an initial entry fee to participate in the ongoing tournament as many times as they wish.

Apart from that, there are also a number of other Battles like Rapid Fire, Discovery, Warzone and more to play. Just like all the other games in the MPL app, this one also allows the players to earn real money while playing your favourite games. The MPL application features some of the most captivating games and bubble shooter online game is in the top tier of those games. 


These were a set of pointers that could attract players to Bubble Shooter online game on the MPL app. MPL has over 60 different games to play on their platform that might just transform your gaming experience into a fun and rewarding time. Regardless of which Battle or tournament you are playing, Bubble Shooter will surely bring in an intense and fun experience of gaming right to you. 

With time and consistent practice, you will gain expertise in playing bubble shooter games. Thus, investing hours for some games where you can earn rewards as per the leaderboard and earn real money is certainly a smart technique to use your time. So without any delay, load up your cannons to burst some bubbles!


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