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Bubble Shooter: Top Strategies and Tactics to Master The Game

Apart from being a game of fun, you need to have certain skills to play bubble shooter online. In this article, we shall discuss related strategies and tips to enable you to conquer this game.

Games are versatile pieces of entertainment that appeal to everyone. Now, you need not be a serious gamer and stick to consoles and the computer. Using MPL, you could play some of the best games online on your cell phone, which is always within your reach. Bubble Shooter online is one such arcade game that we present to you today, which is densely packed with fun and excitement. There’s a thrill that you’ll feel while playing this game that is bound to remind you of your childhood days.

After all, the aim of this game is to burst bubbles, that’s all, nothing too complicated to understand. As someone who wants nothing more than a quick getaway, the Bubble Shooter game is sure to take countless hours from your free time and replace it with delight. Your goal here is simple – to position your cannon in line with the targets above and shoot the bubbles hanging on top to get rid of clusters and gain points. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, and you could get swarmed by groups of bubbles, not knowing how to burst them. Go through the strategic tactics we present to you and find a way out next time you’re blocked.

Quick Responses

When it comes to shooting games, reflexes and quickness are make or break features of the game. When you play Bubble Shooter game online, one of the areas you need to pay particular attention to is your reaction time. Now, in a game centered around the idea of fun and enjoyment, you think it would all rely on luck but that isn’t the case at all. If you’re hoping to win at Bubble Shooter online, you’ll have to be quick with your thinking, you’ll have to calculate where you need to burst and do so as soon as you can. Use both your hands to grip your phone if you have to, pull down on the screen, and release quickly.

Accurate Aiming

It won’t do you any good if you’re quick with your responses, but if your shots are flying all over the place. When it comes to a shooting game such as Bubble Shooter, where and how you shoot also acts as a decider. Now, naturally, you cannot give up on your quickness to take more time and aim, nor can you fire bubbles rapidly like a machine gun and miss your targets completely. There has to be a balance between these two aspects, and you will master them with experience. When it comes to aiming, correctly align your shooting bubble and look to clear clusters of blocked targets with accuracy.

Clear the Bubbled Grids

Even though this sounds simple, it actually is not as easy as it appears. The entire motive of Bubble Shooter online is to have your burst all of the bubbles in a set time frame, and failing to do so will have you lose the game. To win at this, you’ll have to burst as many bubbles as you can as soon as possible. Therefore, to accomplish this target, you’ll have to be very careful of where you aim, how quickly you release, and, more importantly, the color of the bubble you shoot. Most rookies make the mistake of blindly shooting whatever appears in the cannon without shuffling between the options. This will lead to even more clusters, and you’ll never beat the game, so always check for available colors.

Power-up Wisely

The user interface of Bubble Shooter is such that it will provide you with timely power-ups to power your way through the bubbled barricade at the top of the screen. It is understandable that regardless of how well you aim, how quickly you release, and how properly you destroy the clusters, you will still face challenges at higher levels. Moreso, you’re bound to encounter tough situations in tournaments and competitive situations where there’s so much to fight for. This is where you get three power-up bubbles that help your progression. The Fireball helps you destroy an entire line; the Bomb bursts a whole cluster, and the Wild Bubble transitions into the color it lands on. Use these wisely and make the most of them.

Final Thoughts 

Those were some of the more important strategic tactics that will help enhance your Bubble Shooter game. Bubble Shooter online depends on your level of alertness, swiftness, and quick reactions. Here are a few bubble shooter game tips for you to play it more efficiently. Naturally, as and when you spend more time playing this game, you’re bound to experience improvements in your performance. Particularly, suppose you’re someone who is willing to play this game at a competitive level. In that case, you’re going to have to enroll for the many tournaments that MPL regularly organizes for Bubble Shooter. You can have infinite tries in the MPL bubble shooter game, and in the end, based on the leaderboard, rewards will be given. Based on your points, you could get exciting prizes. You could also refer MPL to your friends and get rewarded with referral money. 


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