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Bubble Shooter: Use These Tips And Play The Game More Efficiently

Do you play Bubble Shooter online and find it hard to break through at times? Well, consider following our tips and make your experience more efficient.

Bubble Shooter online has been one of MPL’s most thrilling arcade games that we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing. This game’s simple nature, combined with its light-hearted art style, makes it a treat each and every time. Loaded with fun and excitement, the Bubble Shooter game we’re presenting today is bound to take several of your hours. When you have nothing else going on, starting up this game is going to keep you entertained, and you won’t even realize how much of it you’ve played.

There’s a child-like enthusiasm that this game manages to bring; after all, it’s literally a game about shooting bubbles; how hard could that be? As a casual gamer, finding the right game to eat up your boredom is one of the key aspects of selling you any game. Well, with Bubble Shooter’s smooth user interface and it’s easily understandable controls and concept, you’re good to go right away. All you have to do is choose the right color to match your target, aim your cannon, and release your bubble to shoot your targets hovering above. You’ll improve at this fun mechanic as you play more often, and slowly you’ll feel a lot more confident. However, if you’re finding it hard already, here are some tips to make it easy.

Be Quick

Quickness and accuracy are two key elements when you play Bubble Shooter game online. This is your typical fast-paced arcade-themed game where the game’s composition demands reflexes and instant responses if you’re looking to win. As you align your cannon and pick a spot, you’ll have to be quick with your release and move with the next bubble as quickly as you can. You need to have a sharp presence of mind where your fingers work like guns, quickly shooting and reloading. The reason for this is simple – the game asks for you to completely annihilate the bubbles suspended above within a stipulated time frame, and the clock is constantly ticking fast. So, if you want to score well and earn as many points, use both hands, aim swiftly, and practice your quickness.

Aim Like A Hawk

Aiming is an integral aspect of any shooting game, and so is the case with Bubble Shooter online. As we discussed in the previous point, you have to be quick in your shooting and work on your reflexes and timing to make the most of the timer. However, what good would your quickness do if your aiming makes no profit and if your shots all end up in places where they shouldn’t be targeting? Now, of course, neither aim nor speed can be sacrificed for each other, and a balance has to be found between two of these key aspects of Bubble Shooter. So, when you look at your screen for the very first time, identify the places you can target and aim at them first. Then, as and how the game progresses, always look for the right spots and aim to clear clusters to earn the most points.

Choose Colors Wisely, Particularly With Power-Ups

While playing Bubble Shooter online, you’ll notice that you’re given two options in colors to choose from. The color you decide to shoot with your cannon must land on the same color targeted above to fetch you points. Only if you match your shooting bubble with the one you wish to burst will you be given the rewards because this fun dynamic of colors hugely affects the results of the game. Mostly rookies get overzealous and shoot whichever color is available without even trying to interchange or toggle between the options. Doing this will only crowd your screen more and cost you points. From time to time, the game will also present you with power-up choices such as the Fireball, the Bomb, and the Wild Bubble. Use these carefully and be aware of when you can shoot them to find your way through unlikely situations. So, choose your shooting bubble wisely and clear your path as per the color you decide to launch.

Final Thoughts

And those were some of the most prominent tips that we could share with you to make your Bubble Shooter game experience a lot more efficient. Every point that we described will be felt by you as you dive deeper into the game and engage yourself with MPL more often. Once you’re familiar with Bubble Shooter online’s simple controls and the basic objective it provides for you, then you’ll slowly develop your own tactics and calculations that are bound to work. However, if you still find yourself to be stuck after a point, using the tips we just shared will also do the work. When you’re confident of your skills, don’t forget to join the tournaments we regularly organize for Bubble Shooter through which you can stand a chance to win several exciting rewards. 


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