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Buy Indian T20 League Full Season Ticket at Rs 349

The 15th edition of the much-awaited Indian T20 League is around the corner. The cash-rich tournament will get underway on March 26 with the opening game between Chennai and Kolkata at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

All the league games will be played in Mumbai and Pune, while the venues for the playoffs are yet to be confirmed. This year, we will see 10 teams in action instead of the regular eight, with Gujarat and Lucknow being the new entrants.

The Indian T20 League will offer fantasy cricket enthusiasts some exciting games to play, and we at MPL have introduced a new full season ticket that will give you a discount of Rs 9 in all contests or FREE entry in Grand Contests applicable on 74 matches starting from March 26 to May 29. All you need to do is download the MPL Fantasy app, purchase the season ticket only at Rs. 666 349 and stand a chance to win big cash prizes.

How to purchase the Indian T20 League Full Season ticket?

To purchase the Indian T20 League Full Season ticket at a discounted price, all you need to do is follow the five simple steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: You will find a banner at the top of the MPL app’s homepage that says Indian T20 League Full Season ticket. Tap on it.

Step 2: Once you tap on the banner, you will be redirected to a page titled ‘Tickets.’ Select the ‘Buy’ button next to the Indian T20 League Full Season ticket’ option.

Step 3: After you tap on ‘Indian T20 League Full Season ticket, you will find a page where you can purchase the ticket. On the same page, you will find information about the validity of the ticket and relevant terms and conditions. Tap on ‘Buy now for ₹349’, and a page titled “Add Deposit Cash” will show up.

Step 4: On the “Add Deposit Cash” page, you will see the existing amount in your MPL wallet right at the top. Under that, you can mention the amount of additional money you want to add to your wallet. Then tap on the “Proceed to add cash” option where you can do the transaction via Netbanking, Paytm wallet, Phone Pe, Google UPI, and debit or credit cards. All payments made through the MPL app are completely safe and legal.

Step 5: You will find your ticket under the Tickets section. Use it to win exciting prizes.

The Indian T20 League Full Season Ticket is applicable for the following matches:

DateStart TimeMatch
Mar 26 20227:30 PMChennai vs Kolkata
Mar 27 20223:30 PMDelhi vs Mumbai
Mar 27 20227:30 PMPunjab vs Bangalore
Mar 28 20227:30 PMGujurat vs Lucknow
Mar 29 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Rajasthan
Mar 30 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Kolkata
Mar 31 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Chennai
Apr 01 20227:30 PMKolkata vs Punjab
Apr 02 20223:30 PMMumbai vs Rajasthan
Apr 02 20227:30 PMGujarat vs Delhi
Apr 03 20227:30 PMChennai vs Punjab
Apr 04 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Lucknow
Apr 05 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Bangalore
Apr 06 20227:30 PMKolkata vs Mumbai
Apr 07 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Delhi
Apr 08 20227:30 PMPunjab vs Gujurat
Apr 09 20223:30 PMChennai vs Hyderabad
Apr 09 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Mumbai
Apr 10 20223:30 PMKolkata vs Delhi
Apr 10 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Lucknow
Apr 11 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Gujurat
Apr 12 20227:30 PMChennai vs Bangalore
Apr 13 20227:30 PMMumbai vs Punjab
Apr 14 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Gujurat
Apr 15 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Kolkata
Apr 16 20223:30 PMMumbai vs Lucknow
Apr 16 20227:30 PMDelhi vs Bangalore
Apr 17 20223:30 PMPunjab vs Hyderabad
Apr 17 20227:30 PMGujurat vs Chennai
Apr 18 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Kolkata
Apr 19 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Bangalore
Apr 20 20227:30 PMDelhi vs Punjab
Apr 21 20227:30 PMMumbai vs Chennai
Apr 22 20227:30 PMDelhi vs Rajasthan
Apr 23 20223:30 PMKolkata vs Gujurat
Apr 23 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Hyderabad
Apr 24 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Mumbai
Apr 25 20227:30 PMPunjab vs Chennai
Apr 26 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Rajasthan
Apr 27 20227:30 PMGujarat vs Hyderabad
Apr 28 20227:30 PMDelhi vs Kolkata
Apr 29 20227:30 PMPunjab vs Lucknow
Apr 30 20223:30 PMGujarat vs Bangalore
Apr 30 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Mumbai
May 01 20223:30 PMDelhi vs Lucknow
May 01 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Chennai
May 02 20227:30 PMKolkata vs Rajasthan
May 03 20227:30 PMGujarat vs Punjab
May 04 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Chennai
May 05 20227:30 PMDelhi vs Hyderabad
May 06 20227:30 PMGujarat vs Mumbai
May 07 20223:30 PMPunjab vs Rajasthan
May 07 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Kolkata
May 08 20223:30 PMHyderabad vs Bangalore
May 08 20227:30 PMChennai vs Delhi
May 09 20227:30 PMMumbai vs Kolkata
May 10 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Gujurat
May 11 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Delhi
May 12 20227:30 PMChennai vs Mumbai
May 13 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Punjab
May 14 20227:30 PMKolkata vs Hyderabad
May 15 20223:30 PMChennai vs Gujurat
May 15 20227:30 PMLucknow vs Rajasthan
May 16 20227:30 PMPunjab vs Delhi
May 17 20227:30 PMMumbai vs Hyderabad
May 18 20227:30 PMKolkata vs Lucknow
May 19 20227:30 PMBangalore vs Gujurat
May 20 20227:30 PMRajasthan vs Chennai
May 21 20227:30 PMMumbai vs Delhi
May 22 20227:30 PMHyderabad vs Punjab

How to use the Indian T20 League Season ticket?

Once you buy the ticket, select the Indian T20 League game for which you want to create your fantasy cricket team. You will get FREE Entry in Grand Contests or Rs. 9 off in all contests, applicable across 74 matches starting from March 26 to May 29. Pick your MPL XI team and then use the ticket. You can refer to the MPL blog for tips on choosing the best team.


1) Can I buy more than one Indian T20 League Full Season ticket?

No, you can buy only one season ticket for every registered account.

2) Will I get any refunds in case I do not want to use my Season ticket?

A refund for the ticket will not be applicable under any circumstances. This includes, but is not solely restricted to, the cancellation of matches or the entire tournament.

3) Can I use the season ticket for all the Indian T20 League matches?

Yes. You will be able to use your Indian T20 League Full Season Ticket for all the 74 matches starting March 26 and ending May 29. The schedule has been provided above.

4) When will the season ticket get active?

Your ticket will be activated after the Indian T20 League match opens on the MPL app. It is advised to create teams well in advance to avoid picking players that can cost you some exciting cash prizes.

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A writer who primarily writes on cricket. As of 2021, she has covered cricket for more than a dozen publications.


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