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Call Break: A Beginner’s Guide to this Strategic Trick-Based Game

Call Break is a strategy game that could keep you engaged for hours. Through this guide, you’ll be able to play call break online effortlessly.

India has always been in love with good old card games. Whether you are at a party with some friends, or on a railway trip with your family – these always come in handy. Being easy to learn and fun to play,, these are the go-to options for quick entertainment. The scope of card games has changed massively since the advent of virtual gaming, giving rise to games like online poker, rummy, etc.

Around those lines, we present to you today the call break game online. It is a quick and tactical card game, which is popular in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. This is a strategic game played among four players involving tricks, bidding, and trumps. Single-player games and multiplayer options are both available in this game of cards. With that being covered, let’s now go over the intricacies of the game to give you a fair idea of what to expect as a beginner to call break.

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How is The Game Played?

With four players involved, you are each dealt with one card at a time out of the 52-card deck in play. This game is played in a counter-clockwise direction. To begin the game, a dealer must be appointed to deal with the cards. An important point to bear in mind would be that the trump suit is always the spades in every game.

Role of the Dealer in Card Break

With each passing bet in the game, a new dealer is appointed. However, the initial dealer is randomly decided. Once this is done, next time onwards, the one to the right of the dealer is asked to deal the cards, followed by their right and so on. All players must have a total of 13 cards individually, and to complete this criterion, the cards are dealt in an anti-clockwise direction, one at a time.

Calling in Card Break

Calling in card break begins from the player at the right of the dealer and moves thereon in an anti-clockwise direction. Each participant must call a number (minimum 2). This is the number of tricks that you predict to win the game. Owing to this, the maximum number of calls that can be done per participant is 12. However, depending on the variation of the game, this limit can also be around eight.

How Do You Win in Card Break?

Your goal in this game is for you to win precisely the exact number (count) or a higher number of the tricks (bets), than you called at the start. For instance, if you call five before the game starts, then you must win four or five tricks in the game to win five points, which are equal to your call. If you end up with less than five or more tricks, then you’ll have a negative of the points you aimed for or lose it from your total.

Playing Format of Call Break

The participant positioned to the right of the dealer goes ahead with the first bet with the card of their choice. Those to follow can throw in cards of higher ranks provided they are of the same suit as the lead card. If you do not have a higher card from the suit that is being played, you could also throw a lower card. You could also make use of any card from the spades suit as a trump card because such cards are considered to be of higher rank than any of the cards from other suits. If you do not have a lead suit card or a trump card, you can play any card of your choice bearing in mind that you won’t win the trick. The player who wins starts by posting the next bet.

Points System in Call Break

When all the cards from every player’s hand are over, then the game is complete. Points in the game are based on the calls you make at the start. Winners are given points equal to the calls they made, while losers are deducted points based on how much they called. Once the round is complete, and the points are calculated, the next game begins. There is no certain number of rounds in this game, so you can play call break online till as long as your opponents are interested.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we hope you are now able to play the call break game online, designed for fun and motivated by friendly competition. If you are new to the concept of card games entirely, this variant is sure to introduce you to the basics of the game and give you a fair understanding of how card games work. You need a good amount of experience, skill, and focus to win this game. Being a strategic game, call break is known to induce patience and raise concentration levels. So, try it for yourself on your mobile device by downloading the MPL app and experience this trick-based game first-hand.


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