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Join India’s First-Ever Call Break Tournament on MPL and Win From a Prize Pool of Rs. 50 Lakh

The biggest championship in the history of Call Break is here! You’ve heard it right. Have you ever heard of or participated in a tournament of your favourite card game – Call break? Well, the wait is finally over as MPL is launching a Call Break tournament, between 2nd to 15th May 2022, with the name CallBreak Malamaal Series the First Tournament Ever in the Industry, where you have a chance to become a ‘Millionaire’.

“MPL CallBreak, with its advent in the RMG market, is now heading to build the category with a championship format with a Prizepool of Rs. 50 Lakhs. The format is new to the category and is the biggest championship in the industry.”

Call Break is a rather easy card game as compared to poker or rummy, therefore, even if you have never played the game before, nothing should stop you from joining this tournament. The call break rules and gameplay are pretty easy to learn within a few minutes, you might as well start now. Fret Not! Even if you are unable to secure the first position, you will be excited to hear that the top 1328 ranks will win cash rewards in the Grand Finale with a prize pool of Rs. 4 Lacs.

So, here’s everything you need to know to join the Callbreak Malamaal Event and grab your chance to win big.

About CallBreak Malamaal Series

The CallBreak Malamaal Series is a 2-week long (2 May to 15 May 2022) championship where players can join Weekly Leaderboards and Daily Qualifiers to enter the Grand Finale. Play the Call Break game with thousands of real players and secure the top positions on the week-long leaderboards or the daily qualifiers. Here’s how you can get a chance to join the Grand Contest:

  • The Weekly Leaderboards, worth Rs. 15 Lacs, where more than 80 players will qualify per week for the Grand Contest.
  • The Daily Qualifiers where 584 players will qualify each week for the Grand Finale.
  • Players can also enter the Grand Finale through the Weekend Wildcard Tournament.

Schedule for the Tournaments

Weekday Tournaments

No. of Daily TournamentsNo. of SeatsQualifying Users
11024Top 16
4256Top 4
4256Top 4
4128Top 4
2128Top 4

Weekend Grand Tournaments 

No. of Daily TournamentsNo. of SeatsQualifying Users
11024Top 16
4256Top 4
4256Top 4
Wildcard Tournament of Rs.50 lobby & Rs.50k prize pool1024Top 64
Wildcard Tournament of Rs.100 lobby & Rs.1L prize pool1024Top 64

Rewards for Grand Finale 

Grand Finale
RanksNo. of UsersRewardsTotal Rewards
Rank 11100,000100,000
Rank 2140,00040,000
Rank 3125,00025,000
Rank 4115,00015,000
Rank 517,8007,800
1025-1328Rs. 50 Callbreak Ticket15200

How to join the CallBreak Tournament?

To grab your chance to participate in the first-ever callbreak tournament, you must first download the MPL app on your Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app and registered, you can follow the below steps to play the Daily Qualifiers and Leaderboards and get a chance to enter the Grand Finale.

  • Open the MPL app and search for the Call Break Game.
  • When you open the game, you will find options to join the ongoing Leaderboard or Daily Qualifier of the day on the screen.
  • Tap on the event and submit the entry fee to start playing.
  • Follow the game rules and objectives to win the game.
  • You can play unlimited games to improve your ranking on the leaderboards.

Important Details & Rules

  • The qualifying users of the weekday and weekend tournaments held between 2nd May – 15th May 2022 will be notified of their entry to the Grand Finale.
  • All games and users participating in the Tournament are subject to Fair play checks.
  • Play the call break tournaments on MPL App.
  • Players found to be indulging in unfair play will not be eligible for any reward.
  • The leaderboard rankings will be updated after each contest.
  • MPL reserves the right to withdraw, amend, or alter the cash reward at any time and without prior notice to the contestants.
  • MPL reserves the right to resolve any dispute, and its decision is final and binding on the users in such instances.
  • For any queries, users can contact the organisers via the MPL Helpdesk, which can be found on the wallet screen of the MPL App.
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