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Chess Game – How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Online Version?

The first human chess beginner was beaten by a computer in the year 1953. In the year 1967, an amateur tournament player with a rating of 1500 was defeated. Around the 80s and 90s, these computers became even stronger. In 1997 with the help of advanced technology, a computer was built on the foundation of an old one called Deep thought. This new computer was called Deep Blue and it created history by beating the World Champion Garry Kasparov.

Now you can find this technology whenever you play chess online. It is possible to compete with a computer, this feature is almost available on any chess game online. You can play from beginners to advanced level and it is quite enjoyable for most people. The algorithm outsmarts most people and has proven to be a great learning tool. If you’re nervous about your gameplay then it is recommended to first try your hands out at this. It will give you a decent knowledge of what moves will be appropriate in a certain situation. This is how 22 years of AI superiority changed chess.


A lot of people predicted that computers couldn’t outsmart humans. Others claimed that this could ruin chess. They believed that if computers became exceptionally good at chess then it is likely for humans to lose all interest. Kasparov was visibly devastated after his match with Deep blue and said things that he regrets, but his reign continued even after this for 3 years and he retired as a world champion. Now Deep blue no longer remains the most advanced computer to play chess.

Today, we have smartphones that are better in that regard. Reason being, one computer like Deep blue that beats a world champion simply cannot change too many things. However, when you have everyone with a device that beats the world champion then that is problematic. This is exactly why phones are banned in chess tournaments.

Cheating becomes a lot easier when you have the phenomenon of chess artificial intelligence at your fingertips. It is possible to win every game if you just went to the washroom and looked at your phone during a tournament. Like every other thing, there are good and bad sides of AI in chess.

Changing Gameplay

People are astounded by how introducing a smartphone with AI chess can change the outcomes, but it also impacts the game far more than we can comprehend. So to put this into perspective, computers always seem to have an excellent defence strategy because it is impossible for them to feel the emotional ups and downs a player experiences while holding a bad position. A computer just analyzes all the possibilities, this shows us that many positions that seem impossible to defend against are in fact defendable. Computers maintain pressure in the game and wait for the opponent to slip, this shows us the value of patience which most humans lack.

A New Way of Learning

Chess artificial intelligence has opened up new doorways to learning. It has made an impact on top tier gameplays and coaching. Most coaches now use softwares to analyze their student’s gameplays and guide them with precision. All advanced level players have to be prepared for countering best chess moves that are unique and learned from machines. There is a great amount of literature in chess that newbies can learn from but now people have shifted towards using computers to play chess online, study and learn for advancing their game. Computers can analyze and calculate your moves. They also show you how severe your mistakes were and alternative moves which you could have used. It is almost like having a coach.

Final Thoughts

Chess ai is efficient because it has access to a database of millions of games that have been played. It gives the recent players an advantage to develop their gameplay which their colleagues of 70s and 80s could only dream of. It simulates a human opponent which has a calibre of outperforming world champions. Even you can train yourself in this manner by playing chess online on the MPL app and learn from the best.  


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