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Chess Online – Top 6 Reasons for You to Play this Game!

If you aren’t familiar with chess, then playing online is a great place for beginners and it offers a multitude of benefits for both new and experienced players. Know more below.

Chess is a game that was invented in the northern parts of India around 1500 years ago. Since then it has spread across the world. It is seen as a game of critical thinking and creativity. Amidst this lockdown, chess has gained popularity online in India because of streamers and comedians. People who only knew the name of chess have started to play online and master the game. Many chess grandmasters stream their gameplay on online platforms. People watch these streams with interest and get a boost of motivation to try it out themselves.

If you are one of these people and you wonder what benefits do playing chess online bring? Then you came to the right place. Earlier, this game was only played by royalties. Now it is a full-fledged game with tournaments, world championships and titles. Online chess has opened the doorways for millions of people to master and learn from this game. The six best reasons for which you can consider playing the chess game online are:

Fair Competition

Online chess matches opponents with each other according to the algorithm. So if you’re a newbie at chess you do not have to worry about playing with more advanced players than you. As a rookie, you will only be paired against players of your calibre. This ensures that you don’t quit out of frustration and work your way up to the top slowly but steadily. If you keep playing and reach higher levels of chess, you will play against people at the same level. So you won’t get bored and there will always be a new challenge for you to overcome.


The Internet has made most things accessible to us. Things that took time, energy and effort can be done in a few clicks. The game of chess is amongst these many things. It is not plausible to carry a chessboard and pieces everywhere you go. Even if you do for some weird reason, you cannot have someone to play with you at all times. Online chess allows you to play anywhere, anytime and you will never run out of people to play with. If you’re bored on the train, stuck in traffic or a social event you regret going to, just pull out your phone and treat yourself to a game of chess.

Fair Gameplay

As a newbie, it is easy to confuse the moves of your pieces. If you play with a newbie, you both can make mistakes and you won’t be able to recognize them since your knowledge of the game is limited. When you play with experienced players, it is easy to get tricked and not notice your opponent’s mistakes. They can easily get away with fooling you. Online chess prevents this by not allowing you to make such mistakes. It simply stops the piece from moving in a direction that it originally can’t. This makes it easier for newbies to learn how the pieces move. It also protects them from being cheated.


If you do not play chess professionally, then it becomes difficult to participate in tournaments. You simply do not hear about them, you don’t know how to apply, you cannot participate because your rating is low and other reasons which stop you from playing in tournaments and improving your gameplay. When you play chess online, you can easily enrol yourself in a tournament. The procedure is hassle-free and you can put your skills to test by playing serious matches.

Increased Mental Abilities

Earlier, the benefits of this game were only limited to people who played traditional chess. Now that it can be played online, we can easily avail these benefits. They include increased mental abilities and creativity. It helps us to decrease our indecisiveness and rely on our logical thinking. Coming up with new & best chess moves requires creativity, you can see this in the games of legendary players like Tal and Ivanchuk. Now that it is easily accessible, you can exercise these abilities anywhere.


Not everyone around you might be interested in this game. Playing online allows you to connect with other chess enthusiasts. You can socialize and befriend them, form communities built around chess and improve together.

Final Thoughts

Chess is a game of skill and intellect. Playing chess online is likely to give you a newfound hobby and a skill to flaunt in your arsenal. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other benefits that you can only know after gaining hands-on experience with the chess game online. So do not wait around, just start playing chess on the MPL app now!


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