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Chop But Don’t Stop While Playing Fruit Slice On MPL!

The popular skill-based fruit-slicing game on MPL has managed to attract a lot of gamers. This is not only because of the fun and excitement factor but also a number of other reasons why the players have been hooked to the Fruit Slice game on MPL. It is a rather simple game but requires utter concentration to excel and win against opponents. A number of fruits will be tossed on your screen and the players need to dice them as their formation keeps changing. The score also keeps updating as the player keeps slicing the fruits. This will continue till you have missed a total of 3 fruits. MPL provides its players with a number of different battles and modes to play on their platform. 

Players can now log on to their MPL apps and play the fruit slice game and win a number of rewards and earn real cash for their skills. So bring out your ninja and slice all these fruits to make it to the top leaderboards of the game. The rewards will be given according to the leaderboard that keeps updating constantly. The key to winning the game is practice and utter concentration. Strategies like multiple fruit-slicing and such strategies also help you to score more points in a game. So make the most out of your time by winning and earning real money for playing Fruit Slice game on MPL. 

Point System

The players are required to compete against players who have been constantly trying to win the prizes for Fruit Slice. The game is based on the number of points scored by the players according to the number of fruits sliced. The point system is very basic and easy to understand. Slicing single fruit will give the player 10 points, slicing 2 and 3 fruits at a time will leave the player with 20 points and 30 points respectively. Thus, to score the maximum number of points in a game, try and slice in fruits in combos. Master this game and make the most out of your time on the MPL app that will give you a number of rewards and prizes for your fruit-slicing skills. To help we have also listed out the pointing system of Fruit Slice game on MPL. 

  • 1 Fruit = 10 Points
  • 2 Fruit combo = 20 Points
  • 3 Fruit Combo = 30 Points

Fairplay Policies

MPL is also considered to be one of the most trusted playing platforms as it is protected by strict Fair Play Policies that have to be followed by online gamers. This is done because of the fact that online games increase the possibility that there might be some cheaters and hackers in the game. But you need not worry as all the games on the MPL app have been protected by MPL’s Fair Play policies and rules. 
According to the rules, the players are not allowed to use 3rd party applications or tools that might tamper the results of the game itself. As punishment for cheating, the players will get banned for a day their 1st offence, banned for 7 days for their 2nd offence and banned permanently for their 3rd offence. This has also been one of the major attractions that have got the online gamers hooked to Fruit Slice on MPL.

Slice Fruits and Win Rewards

To make the games and battles even more intense and fun the makers of MPL have been creating a number of battles and tournaments for Fruit Slice. Here the players can earn real money and exciting rewards as per the leaderboard. After completely mastering the entire tactical technique to play Fruit Slice game, you can compete in a tournament created on the MPL app. To participate in a battle, the players will be required to pay an initial entry fee to participate in the tournament. After paying the entry fees, you can try out your skills at the battle as many times as they wish. Apart from that, there are also a number of other Battles like Rapid Fire, Discovery, Warzone and more to play.  

Final Thoughts

Well, all these points certainly show why the players are hooked to the Fruit Slice game on MPL. Winning rewards and prizes for the extra time spent on the phone playing online games is a great idea to use your time efficiently. Earning real money was never so easy until MPL started giving rewards for your winning at games with the help of your skills. The app also has a huge collection of over 60 games that gives the players even more games to compete in. Conquer all these battles and tournaments to make the most out of your precious time.


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