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City Surfers: The Best Endless Runner Game to Keep Boredom at Bay

Endless runner games are a popular choice in online games when people look for mindless entertainment. These games never end, and you can keep scoring points unless you lose a life. Some of the best endless runner games that you may have come across were temple run and subway surfer. We all know how much everyone loved swiping left and right to save the person running. The games have come a long way and remained consistently popular. However, every game crosses a saturation point for players, and that’s the time to introduce new twists.

With online cash games gaining popularity, gamers’ interests are more inclined towards online games that can be played with cash. In times like these, the best endless runner game that one can play for free or with cash is City Surfers on MPL. The concept of the City Surfers game is quite similar to Subway Surfers, with some fun twists. 

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About City Surfers 

City Surfers is undoubtedly the best endless runner game of today. The game is based amidst a busy city with road blockages and city buses posing as hurdles for the runner. The gameplay is similar to that of subway surfers, where you have to keep running, dodge the obstacles, collect coins and power-ups to increase your score. The player has to keep running as further as possible and avoid getting caught by the grumpy cop. The game also features various hoverboards, unique collectibles, engaging background music, coins, and impressive animation to enhance engagement.

To play the game and avoid obstacles, you need to use four game controls – swipe right to go right, swipe left to go left, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide from beneath the obstacles. The player can also run on top of the city buses and collect coins. Collecting a hoverboard can save your life when you collide with an obstacle. If you or your opponent collides with a barrier, the game ends, and the player with a higher score wins the game.

Cash Games & Practice Games

On MPL, the city surfers game is played against a real-life opponent with the objective of scoring higher points to win the game. If you are looking to train yourself and get the hang of the game, you can opt for the free practice games and play them against a live opponent. The game also offers a range of cash battles to choose from. You can either play the cash battles with a live opponent or try the async battles if you are unable to find a match right away.

The async battles let you play the game without waiting to find an opponent, and an opponent can play the game and compete against your score later. Whereas, in the cash battles, you are matched with an opponent and play for a higher score right then. In both cases, the player with a higher score wins the battle and is rewarded with real cash prizes. 

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Having another live player to compete with while playing this endless runner game makes the game more challenging and thrilling. Moreover, players can win real money by playing cash battles. The City Surfers game promises unlimited fun and keeps boredom at bay. So, if you are looking to unwind with a fresh and exciting game, you must try the city surfers game on the MPL app. You can join any contest as per your preference, submit the entry fee, and begin the most daring chase through the city. 

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