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Classic Ludo Board Game Vs Online Ludo Games: Which is better?

Board games such as ludo have been popular in India for centuries. The ludo game was originally derived from the Indian game Pachisi. The traditional ludo game is played on a physical board between two to four players with the objective of racing all four tokens from start to endpoint by rolling a dice.

With the increasing popularity of computer and mobile games and the lack of time in people’s busy schedules, many people prefer to play ludo online. On the other hand, some still love playing classic ludo on the physical board due to the personal touch and the doubled-fun of capturing other opponents’ tokens. There’s a neverending debate about which version is better. Let’s look at whether the online version is better or the traditional one, the benefits, and the rules of both versions.

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Online Ludo Game vs Ludo Board Game

Roll of Dice

The roll of dice in an online game is done automatically within the game with a touch of the dice. Therefore, the numbers are completely random, and players cannot cheat.

However, in the physical game, a player rolls the die by hand. Therefore, the numbers are prone to being tampered based on how a player rolls the die.

Availability of Players

In online ludo, you don’t have to wait to play with friends or family. The online versions offer computer play and online multiplayer play. You can play ludo at your convenience against a computer in a single-player mode or random opponents available online in a multiplayer mode. Some of the online platforms also offer the Pass N Play feature to play the game with friends and family on the same screen. Moreover, some of the ludo apps also offer features such as voice chat to talk to your friends while playing.

On the contrary, if you want to play ludo on the physical board, at least one player should be available physically to start the game. Therefore, there’s a constraint of not being able to play the game at your convenient time and place.

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The Pace of the Games

If you play ludo on a mobile app such as MPL, you will find that the games are fast-paced. Usually, players have to roll the die within a limited time and make a move before the time gets over. This increases the speed of the game as players cannot take their own sweet time to make a move.

The offline ludo games go on for long as the rules of the game are extensive, and each player takes relatively more time to roll the die and make a move.

Cash Games

Playing ludo cash games on an app like MPL is legal and safe. You can choose from various cash contests and play to win cash prizes. The app also offers free practice games to improve your skills or play for fun.

Playing with real money on a physical board is illegal as it is not regulated. Mostly, people only play offline ludo without the involvement of cash.

These above differences give an upper hand to the online ludo over the physical game. Which version do you prefer?

Vijaya Bharti
Vijaya Bharti
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