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Know about Different Types of Online Rummy: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy

Indian Rummy is one of the most popular online card games across the globe. Since it is a skill-based game, we recommend you to learn about all the different variants of the game.

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Different Types of Online Rummy

If you are confused about which table to choose, you should first understand the different ways in which the 13 cards rummy is played. There are three primary variants and the rules associated with them are mostly based on the number of players playing the game and the entry fee. They are points, deals, and pool rummy.

The way cards are allotted values in this card game is simple. High-value cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are 10 points, while the remaining cards bear the same value as their face value.

Points Rummy

The points rummy is a 13 card rummy variant, where pre-determined points are assigned to every card and they have a pre-defined rupee value as well. At the end of every round, the winner is declared based on the points they score. The one who scores the least at the end of the game wins.

Rules of points rummy
  • Every game consists of a single deal. It means that a player will win after every game. Unlike deals rummy, there is no entry fee.
  • Every card is assigned a point and they have a predefined rupee value. A toss is done as the game begins as it will decide which player will make the first move and thereafter, everyone has the option to check, call or raise in consecutive turns. One can discard and pick cards from the open deck or the closed deck of cards.
  • Every winning hand should have at least two sequences – one pure and one impure sequence – apart from the sets. Remember before declaring, one sequence must be a pure one and will not consist of a Joker card.
  • The one to win has to meld all his cards into valid sets & sequences to bring his/her score to 0. The other rummy players’ score is based on the cards, which are not melded into valid sets and sequences.
  • Unlike deals rummy, a game finishes in one round in this variant, and a player can drop out at any time if he/she doesn’t have the right cards.
How is the winner’s amount determined in points rummy?   

Winning Amount in points rummy = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee-value of the point) – Take Rate

Pool Rummy

In pool rummy, everyone at the table combines or pools in the money that works as an entry fee for each rummy game. The aim is to score a zero at the end of each game as points hold a negative value.

The deal is won by the player scoring zero or the lowest at the end of each deal. You can consider it an elimination game that is based on the score of the players. A player is eliminated if his/her score reaches 101 or 201. The one who survives till the end wins the game of pool rummy.

Rules for pool rummy
  • Each player has to pay an entry fee that is pre-decided. The major difference between pool and deals rummy is that real cash is used instead of chips.
  • Every winning hand should have at least one pure sequence.
  • You can meld other cards in the sequence of three or four cards.
  • The winning player gets zero points while other players on the table get points for the cards that are not melded properly.
  • In this variant, the losing players are decided when one reaches a total of 101 or 201 points (based on the format) and is therefore eliminated.
  • Unlike deals rummy, there is a drop option here in the middle of the game and a player can rejoin in another round.

How to calculate winnings here?

Winnings in pool rummy = Total Pot Value – Take rate

How to play Deals Rummy

The deals rummy is preferred by most people when they have enough time. A little different from the previous two variants, this requires substantial explanation as well. To play deals rummy, every player has to pay the entry fee through chips, which is then converted into a prize pool.

Number of deals

Every player in deal rummy is assigned a fixed number of chips and the player with the highest number of it wins it. The number of rummy deals is also pre-decided in this form. The player who wins all the chips at the end of a deals rummy round is eventually declared the winner. The player with the most chips from the total number of predefined deals will win the prize pool.

What are the deals rummy rules
  • Everyone at the table gets a fixed number of chips and they are used to pay the entry fee to play deals rummy. The number of deals to be played is pre-decided before players start to play deals rummy.
  • At the end of each game in deals rummy, the winner will win the chips from the losing player or players, based on their score as per the deals rummy rules.
  • Each round in a deals rummy game is valued at 80 points.
  • If a player drops without picking a card in a deals rummy round, it is called the first drop. The middle drop is when one picks at least a card before dropping out.
  • The penalty for the first drop is 20 points in deals rummy, whereas a middle drop penalty is 40 points.
  • One cannot middle drop in this variant when two players are playing. However, one can drop out mid-game when there are six players at the table.
  • After one arranges all 13 of his cards validly, the odd 14th card must be discarded into the finish slot to declare a round of the game.
  • At the end of the pre-decided number of deals, the player with the most number of chips wins the game.
  • If rummy deals end in a tie, a tiebreaker round decides who will win.
How are player winnings calculated in deals rummy game?

Winnings in deals rummy = Total Pot Value – Take rate

Online rummy games and its variants are gaining popularity due to the convenience and fun it brings to your life. Now that you know the different variations of the card game, we recommend that you practice them online on the MPL platform before you play online cash tournaments.


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