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English Season Ticket for five matches across the weekend

Two weeks into the English season league and the fans have started to really get behind their respective clubs. The transfer rumours are at an all time high while the clubs are also playing some sensational football. 

The English season rumbles on this weekend and we will see five matches being held with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal in action. The first match of the week will see City taking on Arsenal while the liverpool-Chelsea encounter on Saturday promises to be a mouthwatering one. With the big clubs live in action there is likely to be another spike in fantasy football players this weekend. And when it comes to fantasy football there is no better place than MPL. 

Every week, we have some sort of additional offers in store for you. For the coming week, with five top matches slated to be played, MPL has introduced another ‘English League Season Ticket’ which can help you gain free access into the grand contests and win big. 

Priced at ₹19 only, the season ticket will provide MPL fantasy football users with the opportunity to get one FREE  entry in Rs 2 Lakh Grand Contests across 5 matches beginning with the Manchester City vs Arsenal encounter on August 28, 5:00 PM IST. 

This is once again a golden chance to get a free entry into the grand contest. So, get going immediately! Purchase the English League season ticket now at a discounted price of Rs 19 and get a FREE entry in the Rs 2 Lakh Grand Contests across 5 matches of the English league in the coming week. 

Note: The English Season Pass is available at an even discounted price of Rs 15 for early users. Hurry, grab the ticket now!

How to purchase the English League Season Ticket?

Head over to the MPL app and on the home screen you will find a banner at the top which has all the details of the season ticket. 

Step 1: You will see a banner at the top of the screen on the home page which reads “English League Season Ticket”. 

Step 2: Click on the banner, and you will be redirected to the Tickets page. Locate the English League Ticket and click on “Buy”. 

Step 3: You will be taken to the next page where you can find the terms and conditions pertaining to the season ticket. Click on Buy Now for Rs 15.

Step 4: Next you will be redirected to the “Add Deposit Cash” page. You can see the amount in your MPL wallet here. Add more cash to your MPL wallet by clicking on the “Proceed to add cash” button. You can add money to your MPL wallet using Netbanking, Paytm wallet, Phone Pe, Google UPI, or Debit and Credit Card. You do not need to worry, all payments done on the MPL app are 100% secure and legal.

Step 5:  You have successfully purchased the season ticket. 

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On which matches will the season ticket be applicable?

You will get one free entry in Rs 2 Lakhs Grand Contests across 5 matches in the English League during the upcoming weekend. Here is the schedule of all the matches for which the season ticket is applicable. 

Manchester City vs Arsenal – 28 Aug at 5:00 PM IST

Norwich vs Leicester – 28 Aug at 7:30 PM IST

Liverpool vs Chelsea – 28 Aug at 10:00 PM IST

Tottenham vs Watford – 29 Aug at 06:30 PM IST

Wolves vs Manchester United – 29 Aug at 9:00 PM IST

How to use the English League Season ticket? 

To use the English League season ticket, you need to first create a fantasy football team for each of the five matches in the upcoming weekend. Use all your football knowledge and pick the best fantasy team of 11 players from both sides. 

To use the season ticket, click on Tickets and your purchased ticket can be found here. Select the match you want the ticket to be used for. Once you have decided on your fantasy football XI, choose a captain and vice-captain, following which save and register your teams. Here’s the entire workflow.


1) Can I buy more than one English League Season ticket?

You are allowed to buy only one season ticket per account.

2) Will I get any refunds in case I do not want to use my Season ticket?

No, once you have purchased the season ticket, no refunds will be applicable under any scenario. This is applicable to the cancellation of any of the matches or the entire league as well.

3) Can I use the season ticket for all English League matches?

You can use the season ticket for the five games mentioned in the schedule above.

4) When will the season ticket get active?

The season ticket is applicable as soon as the match opens on the MPL app. Ideally, you should create your football fantasy team well in advance and take full advantage of the season pass.

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