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Euro Cup 2020 Season Ticket – All You Need to Know

The Euro Cup 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a ride keeping us on the edge of our seats most times. The Round of 16 is done, and while a lot of results were on expected lines, there were a few surprises in store as well. Eventually, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine, and England managed to book a spot in the last eight of the tournament and will fight it out in the quarter-finals, which begin from July 2. 

With the Euro Cup in full flow, fantasy football players have also had a gala time on the MPL app creating their fantasy teams and winning cash prizes aplenty. Now, as the Euro Cup enters the business stage, MPL has come up with a deal hard to ignore. We have introduced a ‘Euro Cup 2020 Season Ticket’ on the MPL fantasy platform for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final

Priced at 199 99 only, the season ticket will provide users with the opportunity to get one FREE entry into the Grand Contests in each of the seven remaining matches of Euro 2020, starting with Switzerland vs Spain quarter-final match on July 2, 2130 hrs. This really is a steal deal, one that could help you rake in prizes galore.

What are you waiting for? Purchase the Euro Cup 2020 Season Ticket now at a discounted price of Rs 99 and get a FREE entry to the Grand Contests for all the remaining matches of the Euro Cup 2020.

How to purchase a Euro Cup 2020 Season Ticket?

Once you download and install the MPL app, proceed to the Fantasy page by clicking on the Fantasy tab at the bottom of the MPL home page. The Euro Cup 2020 Season Ticket can be purchased in four simple steps. 

Step 1: You will see a banner at the top of the screen which reads “FREE Entry to ₹10 Lakhs Grand Contests”. 

Step 2: Click on the banner, and you will be redirected to the Tickets page. Locate the Euro Season Ticket at the bottom of the screen and click on “Buy”. Subsequently you will be taken to the page where you can buy the season ticket. 

Step 3: Next you will be redirected to a “Add Deposit Cash” page. You can see the amount in your MPL wallet here. Add more cash to your MPL wallet by clicking on the “Proceed to add cash” button. You can add money to your MPL wallet using Netbanking, Paytm wallet, Phone Pe, Google UPI, or Debit and Credit Card. You do not need to worry, all payments done on the MPL app are 100% secure and legal.

Step 4:  And voila! You have purchased the season ticket and earned one free entry in the Rs 10 Lakhs Grand Contests Euro Cup 2020.

On which matches will the season ticket be applicable?

You will get one free entry in each Grand contest of the four quarter-final matches, two semi-final games and the final. Here is the list of matches for which the season ticket will be applicable. 

Quarter Final

Spain vs Switzerland, 2nd July 2130 Hrs

Belgium vs Italy, 3rd July 0030 hrs

Czech Republic vs Denmark,  3rd July 2130 hrs

Ukraine vs England 4th July, 0030 Hrs

Semi Finals

1st Semi Final, 7th July, 0030 Hrs

2nd Semi Final, 8th July 0030 Hrs


12th July, 0030 Hrs

How to use the Euro Cup 2020 Season ticket? 

Four quarter-final matches, two semi-finals, and one final game will be played at the Euro Cup 2020. Using careful analysis, your football knowledge and research, create your best fantasy football team for each of these matches. Your objective is to select the best fantasy XI and score as many points as possible. 

You can find the tickets by going on the Wallet. Click on tickets and your purchased ticket can be found here. Select the match you want the ticket to be used for. Once you have decided on your fantasy football XI, choose a captain and vice-captain, following which save and register your teams. Using this Euro Cup 2020 season ticket, join the Rs 10 lakh grand contest for free. 

Here’s the entire workflow of how to use the Euro Cup 2020 season ticket.

Follow the live action and track how your fantasy football team is faring on the MPL app. Once the match ends, your winnings, if any, will be deposited into your accounts. 


1) Can I buy more than one Euro Cup 2020 Season ticket?

You are allowed to buy only one season ticket per account. 

2) Will I get any refunds in case I do not want to use my Season ticket?

No, once you have purchased the season ticket, no refunds will be applicable under any scenario. This is applicable to the cancellation of any of the matches or the entire league as well. 

3) Can I use the season ticket for all Euro Cup matches?

There are four quarter-final games, two semifinals, and one final left in the Euro Cup 2020.You can use the season ticket for all the remaining seven matches. 

4) When will the season ticket get active?

The season ticket is applicable as soon as the match opens on the MPL app. Ideally, you should create your football fantasy team well in advance and take full advantage of the season pass. 

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