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Top 3 Classic Family Card Games For a Fun Game Night

When the evenings draw in and there’s a chill in the air, it’s the perfect time to pull out a deck of cards and settle down for the night. We hope you love learning some of our favourite family card games as much as we do.

There’s no need to go out to spend some quality time with your family. Play one of these card games for a fun and economical family night. We enjoy low-tech games, and COVID times have allowed us more opportunities to pursue family fun in new ways. Buy a pack or two of playing cards and arrange a family game night. If spades aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Cards offer a TON of other games to get you and your family into game night.

Standard Playing Cards are a low-cost, high-quality deck of cards that are widely available. They’ll last you through innumerable card tricks, flourishes, and games and are well worth the somewhat higher price tag than cheap corner store decks.

Learn more about the history of playing cards.

These card games for families are ideal for gatherings, camping excursions, holidays, and other occasions.

One thing to remember about the top three family card games is that many of them go by multiple distinct names. So you could go halfway through the rules of any of these and discover that you’ve played that game before under a different name.

Let’s get started with the games!


Age: 7 and up

2-6 players

Cards: a 52-card standard deck

How to play Rummy?

Rummy is one of the best card games to play with up to 5 other family members. While playing Rummy might seem complicated at first, it is an easy game that is perfect for family time. Here, the dealer deals 13 cards to each player one by one. Once he finishes dealing, there is an open card and he picks a joker from the pile of the remaining cards. 

Next, the person sitting next to the dealer begins the game. He can either pick the open card or choose the next closed card from inside the pile. Once he chooses the card, he must discard the card that is least useful or is high in points. This cycle continues with each player. To win a game of rummy, the player must have a natural sequence. It means you must have a sequence of cards of the same print and colour. For example, Ace, 2, and 3 of hearts. Three cards with the same number and symbol are also considered a natural sequence. 

Once you have a natural sequence in place, you need another sequence, which can be built with the help of a joker. Let’s say, you have K and J of the name pattern and colour, you can use the joker in place of the queen. A sequence must be of a minimum of three cards. Once you have two sequences in place, you have to form a set with the remaining cards (same number, different patterns) or another sequence. When you have everything in order and just one card that doesn’t fit, you close it and declare the game with your 12 cards melded into valid sequences and sets. This is one of the best family card games.

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I Doubt It

Age: 6+

6-12 players are needed

Cards: a 52-card standard deck

How to play I Doubt It? 

I Doubt It is an interesting card game for families. You will first need a dealer, who will deal one card each and then repeat the process again, to all the players. In this game, it’s okay if one player has more cards compared to another one. 

Players can arrange their card hands any way they choose, but they must not reveal their hands to others playing the game. The player on the dealer’s left begins the game with A or Ace. The player will put one or two aces on the table. Players can discard four cards at once. It moves in a clockwise manner. The next one will throw away two cards and the player next will discard three and it goes on in a similar manner.

As they keep their cards, players make an announcement. After all the kings are played with, start again with A or Ace. Also, the players are not required to play those cards that they declare. They could be telling the truth. You must place down and name a card the needed card is unavailable to discard.

Allow a brief period after each move for anybody to dispute by calling out, “I doubt it.” You must only challenge the player only if you suspect he is not throwing down the cards he claims to be discarding. Soon after you call it out,  the challenger has the option of looking at the tossed cards. If they match as per what they called out, the challenger takes all of the discarded cards and adds them to his own pile. If they are not exactly as described, the player who flushes them out must pick up the whole discard pile for themselves. The first player to put down all the cards wins the family card game.

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Go fishing!

Age: 7 and up

Players: 2 or more players

Cards: a 52-card standard deck

How to play Go Fishing?

Select one person amongst the players to distribute cards in this family card game. Each player is given seven cards if there are three or more participants. If there are four or five players, each is given a total of five cards. The cards that are still remaining after dealing five cards each are arranged in a stack, face down, which is called Fish Pond.

All the players then arrange the cards in groups of Kings or threes. The game now starts with the requester who sits on the right, next to the dealer. He will ask each player if they have the cards he is requesting. For instance, if the plates requesting the cards want kings, if you have them, you must give them to him.

This continues till none of the players has the cards requested by the requester. Now, when it’s your turn and you don’t have the ones the requester asked for, you can say Go Fish Here, you become the requester. In the end, the player who has no cards left wins this family card game.

Quality time with Family

There are many family card games to play and spend quality time with your family or friends, but these are a few of the most popular ones. Try your hand at these card games for families and showcase your skills to achieve a great win.

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