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Fantasy Cricket App Enhancements

The countdown to the Indian Premier League has already begun, and we know that you can’t wait to indulge in the fun and competitive environment. We too can’t hold the excitement any longer and are prepared to have some fun this IPL season. With a few critical app enhancements, we have made sure your fantasy cricket journey throughout the IPL remains smooth and thrilling. The MPL fantasy app is all you need to play fantasy cricket and enjoy your favorite matches.

Here are the key enhancements you will come across when you play fantasy cricket on MPL:

Contest Categorization for Easier Navigation

Contest Categories

Tired of finding the best contest to join for your favorite match out of a pool of contests? The contest categorization solves the issue and helps you navigate efficiently to find your preferred contest and start playing. You can now choose from multiple contest categories such as Grand Contest, New Comer Contest, Monster Contest, VIP Contest, Head-to-Head, and more of such amazing contests. If you are looking for an intense competition, find the Contest of Champions easily or join the Practice Contests to polish your skills. With an efficient UI, spotting your preferred contest is a piece of cake.

Cleaner Contest & Match Card UI

Contest Card
Match Card

The struggle to choose players for your fantasy team and choose a contest is real. Not having the best players in your team can break your game. Similarly, choosing a contest that may not be the perfect fit for you can be disastrous too. Fret not! Our cleaner contest and match card UI streamline the player and contest selection process.  Spotting the match you want to play is easier with a clear match card UI. The contest cards also present clear information to help you select a preferred contest, based on the entry fee, prize pool, number of teams, and contest category.

Faster App

Playing fantasy cricket on a slow app can be a frustrating experience. Imagine not being able to change a player who will not be playing before the lineups because of the slow app speed. That would be a colossal disaster, and you can probably imagine the outcome of your game. However, on MPL, we not only ensure a smooth gaming experience but have also increased the load speed of the app by 2 times as compared to the previous IPL season. You can join a contest within no time, quickly change the players in your team before the lineups, and ensure that you are fully prepared with the best players to start the match. With a faster app and new features on MPL, you can never stay behind in your game.

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