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MPL’s New Fantasy Football Points System Explained

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 happening later this year, followed by the Indian Super League, amidst the regular season of the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and other football leagues, fantasy football users will be relentless in the pursuit for the ultimate prize. And MPL – the best fantasy sports app and the latest gaming platform – has just made it more exciting with the introduction of its brand new fantasy football points system

Fantasy users will get a chance to assemble their dream team with superstars Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar all coming to the fore and more points on offer. MPL fantasy football’s points allotment is divided into the attack, defence, and bonus points. Apart from this, MPL also has points deduction for disciplinary breaches by the selected players.


Goal Scored by a Forwarder40
Goal Scored by a Mid Fielder50
Goal Scored by a Defender or Goal Keeper60

Starting with the basics, a fantasy user will be allotted 40 points if his selected forward scores a ball. The number of points further increases by 10 points when a midfielder scores and by 20 points when a defender or in the rare occurrence of a goalkeeper scoring a goal.

For every 1 Shot on Target6
Chance Created3
For 5 Passes Completed1


To put it simply, an assist is made by the player whose last pass leads to the eventual goalscorer putting the ball into the net. While it is midfielders who provide the most assists, modern football has seen defenders emerging as prolific assist-providers as well. MPL fantasy football provides 20 points to the assist-maker each time his/her pass results in a goal.

There are three other kinds of assists in MPL fantasy football. 

  • If a player scores a goal from the rebound after a shot is prevented by the goalkeeper or any other player of the opposition, or in the case of the shot hitting the goalpost, fantasy assist points are given.  
  • In the scenario of a player winning a penalty or a direct free-kick resulting in a goal, a fantasy assist point is given.
  • Legit fantasy assist points will also be given if the opposition player commits an own goal while defending a cross, pass or even a shot. The person making the cross, pass or the shot will be allotted 20 points. 

Shot on target

Things get layered thereafter. MPL fantasy football users will get 6 points for every shot on target. It is important to note here that a legit shot on target doesn’t necessarily have to be a goal always. Even if a shot is saved by the goalkeeper or by any other last standing player in front of the goal, it is counted as a shot on target. Hence, a fantasy user will see the goalscorer get 46 points (40 points for goal + 6 points for shot on target).

Points for a shot on target, however, aren’t allotted if a shot hits the goalpost. In this case, the shot hasn’t been prevented by any opponent, and it is considered an off-target shot in fantasy football. It is also not a shot on target if a shot is saved by an opponent who is not the last man standing in front of the goal.

Chance created

In fantasy football, a chance created is very close to that of an assist. While an assist is the last pass that leads to a goal, a chance created is the pass that leads to a goalscoring attempt. A chance created can be a pass or a cross, or any other touch. Hence, a player making an assist gets 23 fantasy football points (20 points for assist + 3 points for chance created).


For every 1 Tackle won4

A legit tackle in football is when a player takes the ball from the opponent by not fouling in the process. A tackle is considered legal when the ball’s possession is won successfully by another player, or it is put out of play in the process of tackling. MPL fantasy football allots 4 points for such challenges.

Interception won4
For every 1 Save (GK)6
Penalty Saved (GK)50
Clean Sheet (GK/Defender)20


The difference between an interception and a tackle is that the former doesn’t require a challenge on a player. An opponent’s player can read the game well and obstruct a pass after it’s played, which will count as an interception. In MPL fantasy football, a player is allotted 4 fantasy football points for an interception.

Penalty Save

Simply defined, a save is made by the goalkeeper whenever he/she prevents a ball from going at the back of the net. A goalkeeper is awarded 6 fantasy points for a save. A custodian is allotted a whopping 50 points when he saves a penalty. 

Interestingly, a GK won’t be awarded these 50 points if he doesn’t have to make a save from the spot-kick. If the penalty taker hits the ball off target, then a penalty of -20 points is given to the player missing the penalty and 0 points to the goalkeeper.   

Clean Sheet

A goalkeeper or a defender is given 20 points every match for keeping a clean sheet – -not conceding any goal. However, it is important to note that a defender or a goalkeeper has to play at least 55 minutes to get the 20 clean sheet points. 

What this essentially means is that if a defender plays for 55 minutes and gets subbed off, he will get 20 minutes even if his team concedes a goal after he is taken off the field.

Other Points or Bonus Points

In Starting 114
Coming on as substitute2

This is where your knowledge about sports becomes quintessential. Fantasy team selection is an important part of the game, and MPL recognises that by giving you the chance to win easy fantasy football points by just picking the right playing XI.

Choosing the captain can be the single most important decision while assembling your fantasy captain, as all his/her points will be doubled after the game is over. Picking the vice-captain is equally important as that player gets his/her total points multiplied by 1.5 after the match.

A fantasy football user’s very first prerequisite while selecting an XI is to choose players who will make it to the playing eleven at all costs. Being successful in that gets you 4 points for each player starting for their side in the real game. If your selected player doesn’t start a game and comes off the bench later, he is allotted 2 points.

Penalty points for cards

Cards and Other PenaltiesPoints
Yellow Card-4
Red Card-10
Own Goal-8
Goals Conceded(GK/Def – On the Field when the goal is scored)-2
Penalty Missed-20

Receiving Yellow and Red Card

The biggest risk to your fantasy football team is the deducted points upon receiving yellow or cards. If any player from your playing XI has received a yellow card, he is given a -4, while a player receiving a red card will have 10 fantasy football points deducted from him.

Two yellow cards amount to a red card in football. However, in fantasy football, if your chosen player picks two yellow cards that amount to a red card, then only 10 points will be deducted instead of 18. 

In football, players can be shown yellow cards by the officials for off-pitch incidents as well. In such a situation, -4 points will be deducted from him only if he took part in the game. To simplify, if your selected player remained an unused substitute throughout the game and is booked for an off-field incident, your fantasy football team points won’t be affected. 

Own Goal

Although it seems very unlikely, an own goal is one of the most common occurrences in football, and it can, unfortunately, happen to the best of the footballers. Scoring an own goal in fantasy football will see your player getting a deduction of -8.

Whenever a goal is conceded, two points are deducted from the goalkeepers, and all defenders, whoever would be on the field at the time. However, it is to be noted that the two deducted points will be applicable only to the GK/DEFs playing on the field at that particular time, irrespective of how little they have played in the game.

A player receiving a red card will get a further deduction of -2 if his team concedes a goal after he has left the field.    

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