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Fruit Dart: Learn these simple rules to score higher

When was the last time you sliced fruits and won real money? It’s entirely possible in the Fruit Dart game, though! Fruit Dart is a fun-filled arcade game where you don’t need any fruit-slicing skills or practice to win the game. It’s a straightforward game with simple rules which will not only keep you entertained, but you can also win real cash prizes.

Perhaps, Fruit Dart is an excellent alternative to games such as Fruit Slice and Fruit Chop. So, if you find yourself getting bored of the other games, it’s time for you to switch to this one. The gameplay is straightforward and scoring points in the game is relatively easy. If you have played the other fruit slice games, you will find this game quite similar but with a fresh feel. The objective of the game is slightly different, and it offers a more thrilling experience. Here’s a brief about the game before you get started with the rules to score higher.

Fruit Dart Objective

Essentially, fruit dart is a single-player game, but when you play on the MPL app, you are pitted against a random opponent. While playing the game, you will find different fruits popping on your screen. The objective is to throw the dart (a knife in this game) to slice the fruits and earn points. The knife is released as soon as you tap anywhere on your screen. The twist here is that you don’t lose lives if you miss slicing the fruits, but as soon as the knife touches a bomb, your game will end. Therefore, you have to make sure to avoid hitting the bombs in the game. The game also features a 3-minute timer. At the end of the timer, the player with a higher score wins the game; that is if none of the players hit a bomb before the timer.

Fruit Dart Rules for higher points

The game is a blend of excitement and thrill where slicing fruits is fun, but the occasional bombs add the thrill. The fruit dart rules are quite simple, and if you can stick to these rules, you can earn a better score at the end of the game. In addition, you can also learn a few tricks to win big in the online fruit dart game. Here are a few rules you must follow to score higher than your opponent:

Keep slicing till the timer ends

Unlike the other fruit chopping games, the fruit dart online game has a timer instead of lives. You can keep slicing fruits until the timer ends to gain points. Each fruit in the game is worth five points; therefore, the more fruits you chop, the higher your score will go. Focus on chopping the fruits by throwing knives at them, and don’t worry about missing some fruits. Since there are no lives in the game, missing some fruits will not end your game.

Avoid hitting the bombs

The most important part of the game is the occasional bombs because they come as a game-ending element. If you want to score higher, the rule is to avoid hitting the bombs. If you hit a bomb, you will lose the game even if you have higher points than your opponent. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious around the bombs and avoid shooting the knives when one or more bombs are on the screen.

Try consecutive fruit combo shots

Essentially, fruit combo shots are not a rule but a necessity if you want to boost your score. The Fruit combo shot is self-explanatory and requires you to slice two or more fruits in a single shot. Every fruit in the fruit dart game is worth 5 points, but the points increase drastically if you slice fruit combos. For instance, you get 12 points for slicing 2 fruits in a combo, 20 points for slicing 3 fruits in a combo, and 30 points for slicing 4 fruits in a combo. Isn’t that worth aiming for fruit combos? However, be very careful while slicing fruit combos because a bomb may be tossed along with multiple fruits, which may end your game.

Power-ups are limited by time

This fruity game also features five power-ups that help you increase your score. You will find different power-ups tossed along with the fruits while playing online fruit dart. One of the fruit dart rules is that the power-ups last only a few seconds when you hit them with a knife. If you happen to hit another power-up before the first one finishes, the second power-up will be activated, and the first one will end instantly. You should learn how to make the most of each power-up to boost your score.

In a Nutshell

The fruit dart game is a fun-packed game that doesn’t require much skills or practice. If you simply play by these flexible fruit dart rules, you will be able to aim for higher scores. Playing the game online puts you in a win-win situation, as you get a source of entertainment while winning real cash rewards to beat your opponent — play Fruit Dart on MPL for a refreshing experience.

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