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Add Fun To Your Weekends by Playing These Exciting Quiz Games

What are Quizzes?

A quiz is a type of game or mind sport as part of which players look to answer questions correctly about a specific subject or a wide variety of subjects. Quizzes are often used as a quick, short assessment in the education industry and other similar fields to compute skills, abilities, and knowledge progress. They have also found takers in the entertainment industry in modern times, with shows following the quiz games format.

History of Quiz Games

Quiz, as a term, appears to date back to as early as 1780; its origin is relatively unknown, but it’s likely to have popped up as student slang. At first, the term was used to represent an “odd, eccentric person’, or a “hoax,” or a “joke.” Later on, the meaning got updated to “to study or observe intently,” and thereafter, “exam” or “test.”

Quizzes are usually held on multiple subjects – be it general awareness, or ‘pot luck,’ or specific to a subject. The format of the quiz is bound to vary. Both the online and offline versions of quiz games come with their share of enthusiasts. Let’s dive a bit deeper into online quiz games.

Online Quiz Games

Online quizzes include quizzes that are posted on the internet and usually serve the purpose of entertainment. Today, online quizzes are an extremely popular form of entertainment for almost every kind of internet user. These online quizzes are typically free to play. However, a few online quiz websites put up prizes for winners.

Several websites feature online quizzes on various subjects. Some of the websites hosting interesting quizzes include Sporcle, OkCupid, FunTrivia, Quizlet, and Quizilla. A common kind of online quiz you’ll come across nowadays is the personality quiz or the relationship quiz – the kind that is usually seen in magazines oriented towards teens or women. We would further categorize online quizzes as the follows:

Blog Quizzes

Blog quizzes (also called quiz blogs) refer to a specific quiz genre that quizzers conduct on their respective blogs. Blog quizzes may be centered around words, images, or a multitude of other topics.

Educational Quizzes

Quiz has emerged as one of the most popular forms of e-learning patterns in recent times. Several online courses and certifications have incorporated quizzes since the pandemic. A lot of educational institutions and corporates now use online quizzes as a means to educate their students or employees respectively. Well-known websites that host quizzes for this purpose include Revision Quiz Maker and Quizlet.

Other Quizzes

Most online quizzes work around testing knowledge or identifying a person’s skill set. Companies also use it as an effective way to test a candidate’s knowledge base before setting up an interview. Online dating apps, at times, use a personality quiz to find potential matches between members with mutual interests.

The Most Fun Online Quiz Games

Here are some of the best quiz games and trivia games available online to play for the uninitiated.

MPL Quiz

A lot of people nowadays prefer playing quiz games over other kinds of games. We often attribute this to increased general knowledge, improved brain health, and longer spells of entertainment. Not only does it qualify for a thrilling mental workout, but also it offers oodles of fun. The MPL Quiz game is easy to play, and its mechanics are straightforward.

There’s a lot to love when it comes to the MPL Quiz game, and topping that list is its dynamic gameplay. If you’re a novice player, then you should know these quiz essentials before playing. A quiz battle ideally features 4-10 questions. You and your opponent are both handed the same questions. Based on who gives the right answers in the shortest time, points get allocated. The idea is to be both quick and knowledgeable at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of playing MPL Quiz:

  • Swiftly paced: Games barely take about a few minutes each and keep you thoroughly occupied.
  • Numerous exciting categories: There’s plenty to dig into on MPL Quiz right from Bollywood, Cricket, IPL, world history, current affairs, and more.
  • Competitive nature: As far as the games are concerned, the best score is what matters.
  • Superb brain workout: There is nothing like gaining knowledge and improving your cognitive skills.
  • Real cash prizes: Oh yes, the winner of an MPL Quiz battle receives rewards in the form of real cash.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia features a unique quiz show experience that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. It includes an actual host asking you questions at different points during the day. Those who answer correctly make progress while the others get eliminated. The contestants left at the end split the prize money between themselves. Winning on HQ Trivia is a great way to add more pocket money. Games happen daily at 9 PM EST and 3 PM EST as well on weekdays, giving you 12 opportunities per week to play. What’s more, the app is totally free with zero in-app purchases.


94% is an exciting little quiz game in which you must guess 94% of the answers to any question. For instance, the game will provide you a scenario. The goal is to find 94% of the answers that fit the specific scenario. For example, you’ll be asked to guess 94% of the things that people do before they go to bed at night. There are hundreds of questions, lots of levels, and the game is undergoing plenty of updates in terms of new content. While not perfect, it qualifies for fun and definitely occupies a place on our list.

Millionaire Trivia and Jeopardy World

These are the mobile versions of each respective title. Millionaire Trivia permits you to play like the classic game with multiple-choice questions and lifelines; the visual style actually resembles the show. Jeopardy World on mobile is a lot easier than its TV version. While all questions are shown in the multiple choices format, the game fully sticks to its source material otherwise.

If you’re a fan of either of these shows, you’ll enjoy these games too. Both the games have certain issues that need fixing. However, the actual trivia parts are pretty amazing.

Logo Game

One of the few free quiz games, Logo Game, is a simple guessing game where a logo is shown to the player, and he has to guess the brand. The game includes over 2300 globally recognized brands, over 70 levels, and a difficulty system that increases as you keep playing. It also has Google Play Games services, which include leaderboards and achievements. The database is sufficiently large for a totally free game, but it also comes with quite a few ads. As such, the experience turns out to be somewhat middling.


Quizoid is quite old but still very popular among enthusiasts. It has 7,000+ trivia questions spread over a dozen listings. The game also features three different modes – classic, arcade mode, and 20 question mode – along with excellent hint mechanics and offline play. While the game’s user interface and graphics are nothing to write home about, the gaming experience is still exemplary. A premium version of the game is available for $3.99. You get an additional 3,000 questions, more hint mechanics, and even two extra game modes in that version. What we like about Quizoid is how seamlessly stable as a game with solid offline support.

Random Trivia Generator

A very straightforward, free-to-play game embedded on a website, Random Trivia Generator features six categories – arts, geography, science, history, entertainment, and general knowledge – and a countless number of quiz questions in each. It’s also very easy to play, especially on party nights with friends or family. All you have to do is pick a preferred category and browse through the questions on the page. To know the answer to a specific question, click on it, and the relevant question card flips to reveal the answer. That’s about it. Simple, right? Logistically speaking, it makes sense to have one host who shares the screen and reveals answers.

Popcorn Trivia

While not one of the most complex quiz games on mobile, Popcorn Trivia has always had its fair share of fans. It is basically a trivia game for movie buffs. The game has questions about a zillion films across genres contributed by users who like to call themselves cinephiles. The developers of the game also add to the lists every week. You play the quiz by choosing a particular film or a franchise, answer questions on it, and realize if you possess as much knowledge about it as you believe. The visual interface is nothing extraordinary. However, it doesn’t matter because the gameplay is addictive. Anyone who considers themselves a cinephile must definitely try this game.


Without question, QuizUp is one of the most popular quiz games available right now. The game features the player-versus-player (PvP) concept. Players can score more points by answering questions quicker than their opponents. The winner of the game is the one who scores the maximum points. QuizUp has a list of numerous, ever-expanding categories. Special categories pop up during a major event such as a film release, the holiday season, or festivals. QuizUp is known for being more “social” in its approach than most other trivia games. Depending on your preference, that could mean indicate more fun or less fun. QuizUp’s gameplay is engaging. However, the ads can get you on your nerves from time to time.


QuizzLand is known for its simplistic, quintessential quiz game experience. The game poses questions with four different choices as an answer, and you keep answering. There are questions from all sorts of topics and subjects, along with useful hint mechanics and certain mini-games. Though the interface and experience are quite similar to QuizUp, it still makes for an exciting quiz game. While the ads can get a little in-your-face, the questions are super engrossing, and the app, as a whole, packs plenty of potentials.


An app that rose to fame during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Houseparty also offers a couple of free online trivia games aside from being a funky video-chatting app. These include:

General Knowledge: Houseparty apparently has around 18 free trivia decks, which means you’ll be able to polish your game-night skills often. “General Knowledge,” as the name suggests, is interesting both as a fact-checking trivia game and a test of knowledge between people.

Finish the Song Lyric: If your circle has an inclination towards music or otherwise, it’d be great fun to try the “Finish the Song Lyric” deck on Houseparty. The deck offers one half of a song lyric, and it expects you to finish the other. Add to the fun by asking everyone to sing the lyrics of songs together.

Play Quiz Games & Win Big

Whether you’re new to quiz games or not, you’ll need to strategize to win in quiz game and manage time effectively. We also have several guides for you to go through and understand the game and its mechanics better. Right from a beginner’s basic guide for playing quiz games to improving your winning chances to the ultimate quiz games checklist, there’s a lot to learn before you earn cash prizes.

Before you enter a quiz battle, you should do the following:

  • Practice as much as you can in your free time.
  • Read newspapers and blogs as often as you can.
  • Check out all categories of quiz games available for free.
  • Participate in several types of quiz and trivia games.
  • Beat your own clock several times and raise the bar.
  • Use the elimination process when there are multiple choices.
quiz games - MPL quiz

As with any other game, it makes sense to understand the nuances of a quiz battle on MPL before competing for cash rewards. Pick your preferred format from the range of options provided and start playing against a randomly picked opponent. You can decide between a one-on-one battle without time constraints or challenge yourself by playing a multiple-choice question contest in a two-player format. Are you ready?

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