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How 8 Ball Pool Game Stands Out from the Rest of the Popular Table Games?

8 ball pool is one of the most popular pool table games online. This article will highlight why this pool 8 game stands out from the rest.

8 ball pool is usually played on a pool table as a ‘singles’ or ‘doubles’ game by making use of cue sticks and 16 balls, 15 object balls, as well as one cue ball, that is used to strike the other balls. The objective of the 8 ball pool is to put all the designated balls (which can be either solids or stripes) in the pockets and then the 8 ball (black ball). The winner of this pool 8 game is the player who pots the 8 ball at the end (after all solids or stripes). 

With the rise in use of smartphones and availability of 4G data at an affordable price and even due to the imposed lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, online 8 ball pool games have been gaining tremendous popularity. Smartphones have become the latest tools to sharpen our skills and challenge friends and family members to pool tables anytime and anywhere. It is fun to play this table game in the comfort of your home and yet have a seamless playing experience with a well-designed, realistic, and user-friendly interface of the game. 

8 ball pool game is a popular table game which is professionally played by users all over the world. 8 ball pool game has been liked by people who have played either billiards or snooker and is considered as one of the most popular table games. So, let us find the reasons that make the 8 ball pool table game stand out from the rest. 

Unique Features which make 8 ball pool table game the most popular compared to others

  • Realistic Physics in the Game 8 ball pool comes with the most realistic physics and visuals, which makes this pool table game different from other games. Its realistic visuals make the game much more authentic and make the players feel as if it’s a real game played on a physical front rather than a virtual one.
  • One to One Battles 8 ball pool often consists of one-to-one battles to experience real fun with your friends/family members or with the other players from all around the world. This adds to the excitement and thrill as you can match up your skills against individual players and aim to win.
  • High-Speed Game – 8 ball pool online is a relatively high-speed game compared to snooker and billiards, which are two other closely-related cue sports. This makes this pool table game distinctive from its competitors.
  • Smooth Functioning and Easy Gameplay 8 ball pool online is one of the most smoothly operating pool table games. Moreover, the easy gameplay with all the rules of the game available online makes it very simple for new players to enter the game and achieve success. The game controls are also easy to grasp, such as dragging the cue stick to hit the ball, using the strike point option on the cue ball to spin the ball when needed, and controlling the force with which you release the cue stick and hit your shot.
  • Amazing Rewards and Prizes – This feature of rewards and prizes makes 8 ball pool a popular table game which often attracts more and more players towards this game. To enjoy the game to the fullest, you should choose a reliable app like MPL, where online 8 ball pool matches comprise various games in a ‘best out of’ format. In this case, you are required to use your skills to record the maximum number of winning matches to win the tournament.

A few tips and tricks to make the best of these features

Use these easy tips and tricks to make good use of the features of this game and increase your chances of success:

  • Try to break the rack well with a powerful first hit so that the balls spread well around the table. This will make it easier to pocket them later.
  • Be accurate with your hits.
  • Be careful of the cue direction after hitting a ball – if it falls into a pocket, your opponent gets a ball.
  • Control the force you apply while hitting the balls.
  • Use the strike point option whenever needed.
  • Know your skill level and select the battle room accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The above distinctive characteristics explain why 8 ball pool is one of the most popular pool table games and why it’s the choice of millions of users all over the world as compared to other pool table games. So, in case you have not played this popular table game yet, play 8 ball pool game right away. All you need is a smart device, a good internet connection and a reliable online gaming app like MPL!


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