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How are scores recorded on MPL Leaderboard?

MPL is currently one of the leading platforms for online gaming. With 60+ games in different categories on the Mobile Premier League app and over 6+ crores users, MPL stands out in the market due to the smooth gaming experience that it provides to its users. Besides, MPL is also completely safe, secure, and legal as far as transactions are concerned; in real money games. Huge cashback offers and the scope to win big, along with 24*7 customer support, make MPL the most loved app in the online gaming community. 

Be it fantasy sports, Free Fire, PUBG mobile, Poker, Rummy, Chess, Fruit Chop, Quiz, Carrom or 8 balls 3D Pool among others, there is one thing that the users will definitely affirm for, and that is the smooth and easy user experience on the MPL app. A large and ever-growing user base of gamers of all ages is testimony to the first-class gaming experience on MPL. 

As a part of constantly trying to level up the efforts for providing an enriching experience to the users, MPL has also worked around the game leaderboard. Below are the two types of leaderboards that you will come across in the app.

Points-based Season Leaderboard

Season Leaderboard is also a point-based leaderboard where points will be recorded as the players continue to play the leagues or tournaments. Here, the player with the highest points at the end of all the matches will win the prize. Players stand a chance to win whopping prize money of Rs 1 crores by participating in any contest, including the free ones.

Investment Leaderboard

In the Investment Season leaderboard, the player having the highest value in all the matches will win the prize at the end of the season. The value of individual matches throughout the season will be summed up, and the winner will be declared at the end of the season. Players here stand a chance to win the prize of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs. Here, the number of matches that the player plays, along with the value of each match, is taken into consideration. But one thing to note here is that there is a cap of 99 matches i.e. the player can make up to 99 teams on MPL. For instance, if a player plays 50 matches, each of Rs. 49, then the collective sum would be 50*49. Hence a player needs to play as many matches as he can throughout the season.

Contest with more than 50 slots is eligible for this leaderboard.

Points-based Daily Leaderboard

The daily leaderboard is the point-based leaderboard on the MPL app, where points will get recorded on the leaderboard as the player continues to play. In the end, the player with the highest score will win the prizes. Players stand a chance to win iPhone 12, 10 jerseys, and 10 caps by participating in any contest, including the free ones.

With the sharp focus on providing a better and better experience to the gamers, MPL never fails to make the app easy to use and understand. MPL always strives for the betterment of the platform’s performance so that users need not waste their time understanding the procedure. It saves the time that users otherwise might waste in searching and trying to figure the complexities in the app (which there aren’t any). 

So what are you waiting for? Experience the smooth gaming culture on the MPL app. Just download and install the app right away, get on to your favorite games, sports, and increase your chances of winning big. 


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