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How does IPL fantasy League work?

Fantasy Cricket Leagues have taken India by storm due to its 20-20 format. However, this is expected in a country like India, where the love for cricket is far more as compared to the rest of the world. A huge number of cricket fans are critics, and this expertise in analysing matches and individual performances could help in winning big money in fantasy cricket leagues. If you are new to this platform, then here is an overview of how the IPL Fantasy Cricket League works.

How to choose players for your fantasy XI?

There are some rules you need to follow while picking your Fantasy Cricket XI in Fantasy Cricket Leagues. To start with, you need to pick at least 4 and not more than 5 batsmen for your squad. When it comes to bowlers, you must pick at least 2 bowlers and the maximum you can pick is 5. You can pick only one player for the role of wicket-keeper. If you want to select more than one player for the role of wicket-keeper then you need to select him under the category of batsman in your fantasy XI. Lastly, you can pick as many as four all-rounders, with the minimum requirement being 1.

There are three more rules that you need to follow while selecting your Fantasy XI in the Fantasy Cricket League.. 

  • You can only pick 4 foreign players. 
  • You can only pick 6 players from one side. 
  • You must pick an uncapped player.

Points System Explained (20/20)

To truly understand how the IPL Fantasy Cricket League works, you need to know about the points system. To help you, here is a breakup of how points are allotted to players in fantasy cricket. 

Batting Points

  • You get a point for every single run scored by your chosen players. 
  • The points you get for every boundary hit by the player
  • The points you get for every six  hit by the player
  • The player also gets points for every half century
  • The player get awarded points for every century but -2 for if any player get out on duck.

Bowling Points

  • The base point for a bowler is that you will be awarded 10 points for every wicket taken by him. 
  • Bowler gets 4 points for every maiden over 
  • You get 4 points if bowler takes 4 wickets
  • 8 points in case bowler takes 5 wickets

Fielding Points

  • You are awarded 4 points for each catch that results in the fall of a wicket. 
  • If your player effects a successful stumping, you get 6 points.
  • In the event of a run out, the player involved gets 4 points. 
  • If a direct hit results in a run out, then the player who threw the ball gets 6 points. 

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