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How Online Rummy Has Led to The Transformation of Online Gaming in India?

Over the years, the rummy game has re-defined multiplayer and online gaming in India. For generations, rummy has been an integral part of entertainment in Indian households during festivity seasons. The conventional rummy is usually played among family and friends during these festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Dussehra. Rummy is the perfect game to socialize with both strangers as well as dear ones. However, the inception of the internet and reputed gaming portals has made rummy mainstream in the country. Online gaming has made playing rummy very convenient as players don’t have to be present in-person to enjoy the game. Online rummy can be played with friends and family or even strangers from any corner of the country.

The Rise of Online Rummy

The online rummy card game has breath-taking graphics and immersive gameplay. The skill-based rummy game is compelling for people to turn to online platforms. By the end of 2020, India’s gaming industry will raise $1 Billion in terms of revenue by late 2020. The country-wide lockdown in India has pushed many people to compete in the online rummy card game. 

A couple of decades ago, many people were into rummy to make get-togethers, celebrations fun-filled. The topsy-turvy sedentary lifestyle has led to the decline of the popularity of traditional rummy. However, after computers, smartphones and laptops became affordable and easy to acquire, rummy found its way back to popularity.

The online rummy of today is not so different from the traditional rummy. However, one thing about the game has changed drastically, i.e., accessibility. The reckoning of online gaming made rummy a go-to game for both professionals and for people who are just looking forward to enjoying the nostalgic card game.

Online Rummy, A Revolutionary Millennial Game

The concept of playing rummy online  is unheard of a few years ago; however, today, people of all ages are enjoying the online rummy game with multiplayer gaming. Word of mouth has also played a significant role in making rummy popular.

Online rummy has a distinctive gaming community, which is all set to increase over 300 million by the end of 2021. The best thing about the present day rummy platforms is that anyone can join in, use their skills, and test their skills if they play rummy. Are you missing quality time you used to play with your friends? Just invite them for a rummy game from reputed platforms and enjoy rummy like the good old days.Online rummy is one of the most significant contributors to strong-arm digital media presence. The game has already seen a growth of 30% to acquire ads in 2020. The online rummy industry is also spending a substantial amount on digital advertisements to brand the game. The geographical and demographic reach of online rummy will make the game an undisputed king among all multiplayer games as the industry is all set to grow 34% annually. More than six crore Indians are glued to their devices to play rummy on reputed platforms. Here are some tips for selecting online rummy platforms.

Factors That Made Online Rummy a Mainstream Multiplayer Game in India

  • The availability of gaming smartphones at lesser price tags plays a crucial role in popularizing online rummy. The base of smartphone users is increasing at an alarming rate since 2018. People are ditching laptops and computers as smartphones can run high intensive graphics games without burning a hole in their bank accounts. If the smartphone user base increases 3x to the present-day statistics, it will increase the rummy player base to almost 10x in five years.
  • The increase of gaming platforms in India is making people aware of the rummy existing online. The more people get into playing this unique online card, the more they will learn about the origin of rummy. Further, this would result in widespread advertising of the classic fun-filled game.
  • Social media platforms also advertise online rummy and it’s USPs. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are already filled with several communities that are interested in online rummy.

Final Thoughts

In India, rummy has become a popular means of entertainment for people who love online gaming. The easy-to-understand gameplay that supports multiple languages with a clean interface has made the online rummy game the most downloaded game in the country. If you want to play rummy, all you need to do is join any reputable gaming app like MPL and try your skills in the rummy game.


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