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How Planning Ahead is Vital for Mastering Bubble Shooter Game?

Plan strategically to win in the Bubble shooter arcade game. Mentioned are few tips & tricks to optimize your game style and understanding.

Bubble shooter is an old and classic arcade game. Many generations have grown up seeing this game in so many different variants. Be it a PC generation or smartphone gaming generation, bubble shooter game is a hit in all generations.

However, this is the game that people of all ages can enjoy and compete together. There are so many reasons to play this game that each one would sound logical and right.

But there are few tricks and tips to win this easy game too that need to be followed. One of them is planning the game. We can start with the explanation of the bubble shooter game, but it would be like underestimating every generation who have not played the game so far. But, we would still give you a glimpse of it, so you understand the tip even better.

What is Bubble Shooter?

Bubble shooter is a classic, arcade game in which the player aims to burst the pool of bubbles using a canon. The setup of the game is very simple. There is a blank canvas on which the bubbles are arranged in different setups. These are colourful bubbles and the setup seems like the bubbles are hanging to the top of the screen. There is a cannon in the middle consisting of colourful bubbles that should be shot to eliminate the same colour bubbles at the top.

Reasons to Plan Ahead

Now that you know how a bubble shooter game is played or looks like, we would help you understand one very important trick in detail. One misconception about this game is that it is a very simple game, and anyone can win. The reason is all a player must do to win is hit the bubbles on the right colour.

There are many tips you need to follow to win the bubble shooter game, but the one that helps you win the game is planning. Here are a few reasons why you should plan to win a bubble shooter game.

Easy to Strategize  

You get some time to strategize your hits and it is underestimated by many bubble shooter players. You must make sure that every ball that leaves from the canon hits a pool of balls and eliminates them. You cannot waste your shot even once because it might lead to a point to the opponent.

Helps You Aim

When you have strategized the game at the start, you know where to aim and how to pull as many bubbles in one shot. The game keeps getting difficult and you don’t want to be in a position from where you cannot revert. You know the colours that can eliminate the maximum bubbles and from there the game starts getting easier.

Beat the Clock

One more thing you do when you plan is saving the time during execution. You can just start with the game without waiting and searching for the lot to hit for maximum points. When you keep hitting the right bubbles, you keep eliminating the maximum of them to score more and more.

Smooth Execution

When you know how to tackle the problem, you end up finishing it like a cake on the plate. You don’t wait at the table looking at the bubbles so you can play your bank shots. You know that if red comes, I must hit left for maximum elimination. This way your execution becomes smoother and the chances of you winning increase drastically.

Bubble shooter might be a classic and seem easy at first, but when it’s competition, you cannot go for trial and error to win. You should be practising the shots and accuracy to win and apart from that planning ahead in time should be a no-brainer. Now that you know the benefits, why don’t you eliminate the bubbles to win your next game?

All you gotta do is to download the MPL app and start playing bubble shooter online for a fun weekend.


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