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How to Become an Expert in Bubble Shooter Online Game?

A lot of people today enjoy playing games after a hectic day to break the monotony of life. Many people are inclined towards puzzle and arcade games owing to the simplicity of the games. Arcade games involve action and a thinking process to complete levels and move forward. The Bubble Shooter online game is one such fun game that requires a few tactics to become an expert.

It is a game that is a perfect blend of action and strategy in the form of a puzzle. A game like Bubble Shooter is beneficial for all ages as it enhances strategy making skills and sharpens the thinking process while providing light-hearted entertainment.

A brief about bubble shooter online game

In a bubble shooter game, you need to shoot bubbles and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. The game features a bubble cannon that shoots bubbles in different colors. The game’s objective is to hit and pop the same color bubbles until all of them are gone. With proper planning and strategy, you can effectively win the game through effective attacks. In case you miss your target and place a bubble at the wrong place, the bubbles start stacking up and gradually reach the base. Therefore, even one wrong move can cost you a lot and make it challenging to overcome the damage.

Today, you can find a lot of different versions of the same bubble shooter game. You can also opt for MPL game download to play one of the easiest and most popular versions of the game. Simply hop on to the MPL website and follow the instructions mentioned to get started with your game online.

How to be a pro in bubble shooter game?

Bubble Shooter Game is the latest hit in the skill-based online game. It is an incredible arcade game that you can learn in seconds but will take a significant amount of practice to call yourself a master of the game. If you have ever experienced the arcade game, you will know what to expect from the bubble shooter game. Here are some tips to keep in mind while approaching a fantastic strategy-based shooting game.

Aim for the right bubbles

Start with an essential tip for bubble shooter game; aim for the right bubbles. You need to match three or more bubbles of the same color to pop the bubbles. Popping more and more bubbles will bring you more points and also clear the screen. The primary approach is to make a difference from the beginning of the game. Aiming for the highest number of bubbles is the first step towards success. Go for the bubbles that are a part of larger groups and have several other bubbles hanging on. Popping a larger group of bubbles will give you higher points, clear up more space, and clear the hanging bubbles.

Take advantage of the walls

Targeting bubbles at the higher end of the board is another way of clearing a more significant screen portion. However, it won’t be easier to reach high rows every time. In case you want to make things easier for you, then it is better to use both the side walls. Bank shots come in handy to reach the bubbles placed at difficult spots. With the bank shot, you can set the right angle on the sidewall and shoot the bubble in the right direction. 

Plan and consider the next bubble

In Bubble Shooting Game, planning and strategy hold prime importance. When the game starts, you should carefully analyze the board and form an effective strategy to shoot bubbles. During the game, you should always have the next target planned in advance. It will work to your advantage and will enable you to plan effectively. You can also design a strategy for maximizing your score and clear the board as much as possible.

Take a moment before you shoot

After the bubble shooter game download, don’t just jump at shooting the bubbles. Take a deep breath and think before aiming at the targeted bubbles. Sending the bubbles haywire will not get you anywhere and will only result in ending your game sooner than you thought. You may trust your aim but targeting your best move is essential.

Get rid of the hanging bubbles smartly

While playing the bubble shooter game, you will come across many bubbles of different colors hanging on to a group of same-colored bubbles. Your strategy should be a little different for such bubbles rather than blindly shooting at the hanging bubbles and getting rid of them. You need to act smart and aim for the same-colored bubble groups. When you manage to clear the larger bubble groups, the hanging bubbles are removed simultaneously.

The Takeaway

In this skill-based game, it is crucial to strategically plan the game if you are looking forward to a win. Practice makes a man perfect, and you need to stick to this if you want to be a pro at bubble shooting. You will witness a drastic improvement in your skills once you start working on the points mentioned above. Other than that, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy this vibrant game on the MPL app and win real cash prizes.

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