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How to Combine Defense & Counter-attacks Smartly in Online Chess Games?

While playing an online chess game, the player needs to read the mind of the opponent through his/her chess moves. Combining defense and counterattacks in an online chess game can help you win the game.

The chess game is our very own game invented by our ancestors in 1500. Some minute changes in the game took place in the 15th century and minor adjustments in the 1800s century. Till a few years before the chess game was played only offline with both the players sitting together, but with the changing conditions and scenarios, it turned into an online chess game. It’s the game known for its tactics & strategic moves & the player with the best chess move wins the match.

What’s the major goal of a player playing chess games?

At the end of the day, the major goal of every chess player is to deliver a checkmate. The checkmate doesn’t mean to kill the king, it means to trap the king. Checkmate is an alteration to a Persian phrase “Shah Mat”, meaning of which is ‘the king is ambushed’.

How to get better at playing an online chess game?

A game of online chess can require your complete focus, especially if you are a competitive player or are keen to improve your chess skills. While the basics, such as roles of chess pieces and the moves you can make, are the same as offline chess, an online chess game can make things more thrilling due to the sheer nature of the medium. Let’s look at a few areas to focus on while playing a game of chess online.

Being mindful of time limits:

Chess is a mind game that requires strategic planning for applying certain tactics. Sometimes while playing chess games, one needs to think for a while before they make their chess move. While playing an online chess game, the player can’t take as much time as they want, with the online game having a time limit in many cases. The player needs to hurry up to keep pace with the ticking clock and complete their move within time. An online chess game could help you make decisions quicker (while considering the impact they could have on the rest of the game) as you need to think and act in an agile manner.

Practising different tactics with different opponents:

While playing chess games on board, you may tend to play with the same people most times due to which you may end up recognising patterns in their strategy and moves. This could reduce the thrill of playing with each other or create a false sense of accomplishment. However, online chess games may offer a new competitor each time you play, which requires approaching every game with a fresh mind and without any baggage of assumptions that may have helped you win in the past. The exposure to all types of chess moves and techniques while facing different competitors in online chess creates a mindset that helps in chess tournaments.

How to combine defense and counter attacks smartly in an online chess game?

There is no such difference between playing it online or offline, but while playing online, the player needs to read the mind of the opponent through his/her moves only, as they can’t read the facial expression of the opponent.

Here are some of the best chess moves which can be used:

Sicilian Defense

· French Defense

· Caro–Kann Defense

· Scandinavian Defense (the Center Counter defense)

· Pirc Defense

· Alekhine’s Defense

· Modern Defense


An online chess game requires players to observe the chess moves of the opponent as they can’t read the expression & accordingly, they can plan their chess strategies and attacking chess moves. A player can use Sicilian defense in the mid-phase of the game as it’s considered one of the best chess moves. And that’s how he/she can win the game by combining defense and counterattacks well in an online chess game.


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