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How to improve your winning efficiency in online fantasy cricket?

To play an online fantasy cricket game one needs certain skills and a certain level of knowledge when it comes to high-intensity games. The MPL fantasy cricket app offers a number of tournaments for players to compete in to help them win at a bigger level in terms of points. However, there are a few tricks one can choose to use if they wish to ace their gameplay when they play fantasy cricket.

Here is an overview of the tips and tricks you can use when you play the game and win big reward points. The online fantasy cricket game is quite competitive and you need to have an edge when competing with other players on the platform. Therefore, the fantasy cricket online game involves certain tips which you can use to your advantage if you are just starting out. Here is how you can improve their winning efficiency on the MPL fantasy cricket app.

Online Fantasy Cricket tips to improve winning efficiency


The player is downright the soul of the game that one would play on the MPL fantasy cricket app. It is completely up to the player’s performance and how they play in the real-world game that will impact scores in your MPL fantasy cricket app. Therefore, it will give a player an extra edge to know how the player has been performing in previous matches of previous seasons. Watching the player be consistent is your go-to sign to include the player in your lineup. 

However, sports as a game often doesn’t deal with uniformity and thus can be the case with the form of the player. For example, a player scoring a century today won’t necessarily do the same in the next matches. However, if a player has been scoring above 50 on average a couple of matches, that can be your player to include in your fantasy cricket team.


Often ignored by players on the MPL fantasy cricket app, the pitch is also a crucial aspect of the game. The players themselves inspect the pitch a number of times before they make a decision. One can see this during the toss of a match; players often choose to bat or field based on the pitch conditions. The players are well informed of the pitch and know exactly how to make the decisions.

Think Like a Captain

If a captain is successful in judging the pitch the team stands a higher chance of winning the match. Similarly, on the fantasy cricket MPL app, you as a player need to understand how the players will perform on the pitch. One needs to understand the technicalities and go ahead with the final verdict with their predictions. Judging the pitch correctly will help you form a solid team.

High Price Doesn’t Mean Good Play

Often in the MPL fantasy cricket app players have been priced extravagantly. Players who have been star performers in the past have high price tags in the game and players go to select them without actually studying their game. Often at games, it is the big players who rarely don’t perform well. They are star players as they play very well, however, the form is something one can’t depend upon, as it can fluctuate. 

Therefore, choose the younger lot who are a bit inexpensive and stand a better chance to score. The young players are hungry to prove their mettle in the game and will thus go to great lengths to perform well. It is this attribute that can help a player in the MPL fantasy cricket app. Thus, choose the younger players based on their form and you will be on a good advantage of winning good reward points. Here are a few tips to help you select the best team.

Top Order

People who have been seasoned players of the MPL fantasy cricket app have often spoken about the top-order batsman being correct. The top order in the game is crucial as they are the players who will most likely face the most number of deliveries. It is them who will be on the path for a bit longer than the middle order set up. A star player often comes in at 7 and plays his game and takes the team to victory, however, that is not what you should focus on; the players on top are the ones who should be looking at as they stand a higher chance of scoring you points as compared to any middle order for the team which has been set.

Final Thoughts:

The MPL fantasy cricket app is a great platform to help you to improve your cricket knowledge with worthy opponents. One can improve their winning efficiency if they follow those tricks and tips mentioned above when they play fantasy cricket online. The game can be competitive but with a few efforts from the players the game can be fruitful in the form of reward points.

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