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How to Outplay Your Opponents Smartly in Online 8 Ball Pool Game

One of the top multiplayer games for mobile gamers, online 8 Ball Pool has surged past many others in terms of popularity in recent years. Millions of people play the game regularly, forming one of the most competitive and strongly contested mobile gaming communities. As you can imagine, being the best among millions of players might not be an easy task. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible if you have the desire to excel. Through these helpful tips, you can be one step ahead and outplay your opponents in an online 8 Ball Pool game with ease.

1. Deploy Your Skills At Striking The Cue Ball

When you want to gain an upper hand on your opponent while playing online 8 Ball Pool, this has to be an area where you need a strong focus. Learning how to spin, and create a desired movement for the cue ball is not easy. Even the seasoned experts of the online 8 Ball Pool game take a lot of time to learn these skills.

However, once you begin to master the technique, it will benefit you greatly. Striking the cue ball to create a spin, follow-through or a pull-back requires precision. There are two more important aspects required to execute this technique perfectly.

One is executing it quickly since most online 8 Ball Pool games have a timer. You must quickly determine the spot where you need to strike the cue ball to create the best position for your next shot. The second one is to control the power bar effectively. If your shot has very little power, the spin on the cue ball will not work. If your shot has too much power, the ball might spin too hard and end up in the wrong position for the next shot.

2. Use The Rules To Your Advantage

Online 8 Ball Pool has a defined set of rules and regulations. All players must adhere to these rules, and there are no exceptions when enforcing these rules. Therefore, when you wish to outplay your opponents you must use the rules of online 8 Ball Pool to your advantage. When done correctly, these rules can help you create an advantageous situation for you.

For example, you could force your opponent into committing a foul. When your opponent commits a foul, you get to pick the cue ball up and place it anywhere on the table. So how can you force your opponent to commit a foul in a game of online 8 Ball Pool?

·   Restrict their access to their object balls by trapping it behind your object balls. When your opponent cannot touch their object ball with the cue ball, it leads to a foul being called.

·   Create a difficult situation for the opponent and prevent their shot from touching the railing of the pool table.

·   Orchestrate a situation that leads to them pocketing the cue ball. This also leads to a ‘ball-in-hand” for you.

These are three useful situations wherein you can use the rules and regulations of online 8 Ball Pool to outsmart and outplay your opponent smartly.

3. Practice & Execute The Perfect Break

The perfect break might sound mythical and impossible to achieve, but the term has a flexible meaning in the game of online 8 Ball Pool. The perfect break is any break which puts you in the driving seat for a game. When you disperse the object balls across the table to set up the easiest shots for yourself, and pocket a ball or two, it can be called the perfect break.

Pocketing at least one object ball during the break helps you retain your turn to play. This way, you can evaluate the object balls that are easiest to pocket. Then you can select whether you wish to choose Stripes or Solids, and play the game accordingly. Want to learn more about the perfect break in a game of online 8 Ball Pool? Click here.

4. Select Stripes Or Solids Carefully

As we mentioned earlier, making the choice between Solids and Stripes is easier said than done. You don’t opt for your favourite between the two, but must come to a more strategic solution. If it is your turn to make a choice, quickly glance across the pool table. Look for the object balls that are in positions from where they can be pocketed easily.

When you do this, you give yourself a stronger chance to outplay your opponent. Once you have made the choice, try to pocket all the balls on the table in a single turn. The fewer of your object balls on the table, the more improved your chances of winning.

5. Aim To Win

Above all, the game of online 8 Ball Pool is a game that depends largely on your aiming skills. You could do all of the above correctly, it wouldn’t matter if you fail to aim right and pocket the ball. Everything depends on how well you can strike the object ball with the cue ball.

Furthermore, the object ball must end up being pocketed, with the next shot being lined up correctly. To learn these qualities, there is only one thing every online 8 Ball Pool player can do. Practice, practice and practice some more. Your online 8 Ball Pool skills will only improve through relentless practice. You can do that easily with the Free play mode on the MPL Pro App. It allows you to compete with different players from all over the country, so you can learn from the best players.

With these helpful tips, you can easily outplay your opponents in an online 8 Ball Pool game. Download the MPL Pro App and register yourself to start playing today.


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