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How to Play Snap

Among the innumerable card games available, Snap is one game that you can learn. It is a simple matching game that tests your competitive spirit to the T. You can play it with a large group of friends, practically with more than six players. You simply need a deck of cards and snap! You begin the game!

What is Snap?

As mentioned above, Snap is a matching game. These rules pertain to a standard deck of cards. It is a relatively simple game with a few rules. This game primarily challenges your competitive spirit and is very easy to understand. One of the card games

Requirements for Snap?

  • Players: It needs between two to twelve players to play.
  • Deck: A standard 52-card deck of playing cards
  • Goal: To win all the cards
  • Setup:  Choose a dealer randomly. Then shuffle the card and deal them evenly to all the players. Place their cards, face down, in a pile before them.

The Gameplay

The game starts with the player on the left of the dealer. Then the play progresses clockwise. Each player turns over the top card from their face-down pile when the turn arrives. When someone turns over a card that matches with another player’s face-up player’s pile, the players race to be the first to call “Snap!”. The player who calls out “Snap!” first wins both piles and adds them to the bottom of their face-down pile.

When moving a card from the face down to face up piles, each player needs to turn the card away from them. This will guarantee that the player does not see the card before their opponents. Turn the card as soon as possible!

If two players call “Snap!” simultaneously, you place the piles at the center of the table and combine them into a face-up pot with one of the two matching cards on top. The game continues thereafter.

When one player turns over a card that matches the card on the top of the snap pot, players who call “Snap Pot!” first win the snap pot and the matching pile. Add the matching pile to the pot in case of another tie.

How to eliminate ties?

When there is a tie, put something on the middle of the table that players must put their hand on, instead of simply calling “Snap!”. The first player to put their hand on top of the index card wins it.

What happens when a player makes a Mistake?

When a player calls “Snap!” or “Snap Pot!” or puts their hand on top of the index pile at the wrong time, the player has to give up the top card to the next player. If a player makes a mistake on their own turn, they have to give up their top card to the player on the right.

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When does a Player Win?

Some cards will remain in the pot when all the other cards have been claimed. In this case, the winner is the player who wins all the cards which are not stuck in the pot. Till the player wins all of the cards, the game continues.

Snap Card Game

How to win Snap

This game tends to bring out the best competitive instincts in players. Here are a few tips for playing Snap and winning every time.

  • Set rules about how to turn over the card: You cannot turn over the card for everyone else to see. Flip the card in a continuous, swift motion on your pile.
  • Choose a non-player on close calls: Choose someone not playing the game to call out when required. In a competitive game like this, there is bound to be some tension around.
  • Remember your pile: A seasoned player remembers the order of their pile or another player’s pile if they get the chance. Keep an eye on your cards, and do not allow others to see your pile. If you do not want to put yourself at a disadvantage, shuffle your piles now and then to avoid anyone else snooping.

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Variations of Snap

  • Single Pile

When two consecutive cards match, any player who sees this may call snap. The first player who calls wins the center pile and adds it to their cards face down. A player who calls “snap” at the wrong time must give the top card of their pile, face down, to the player for whom they called incorrectly. Players who turn out of cards drop out of the game, and the last player holding cards is the winner.

When two or more players call “snap” at the same time, the central pile is moved aside to become a “snap pool.” Subsequently, if the top card of the center pile matches a pool, the first player who calls “snap pool” wins the pool pile.

  • Simultaneous calls

Simultaneous calls is a game where two or more players shout snap precisely at the same time. The matching piles are combined into a single pile and form an additional snap pool, placed in the center of the table. When multiple players call “snap pool” simultaneously, the player pile that matches the snap pool is added.

Place an object in the middle of the table. The players grab the object by calling Snap. They can solve problems with simultaneous calls in this way. If many people put their hands on the object, the one who has placed the hand first will own the cards.

Only owners of equal cards may call Snap

In this game, each player has a pile. Only the owners of the matching cards are allowed to call it, and the first one to do so wins both piles.


Now you know how to play Snap and all its variations. It is reasonably easy to learn this game, and it brings out the best competitive spirit too. Gather your friends around and play the game right away!

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