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How to trap your opponents in Online Pool?

Whether you are a pro at online pool or just a beginner, every player aims to win against their opponent. The feeling of reaching closer to a win, seeing your object balls drop into the pockets, is incomparable. Mastering a few essential shots and learning several strategies can trap your opponents and always win in online pool.

Trick shots are not only impressive but very much needed in 8-ball pool. At times, you may find an object ball locked-up and unplayable. Fortunately, trick shots can get you out of such difficult situations.

Strategies to trap opponents in online pool

How good does it feel to watch your opponent amazed by your moves while you know it’s not that big of a deal? If you are playing against a weaker player who isn’t aware of such trick shots, you are in for an easy game. Learn these trick shots and strategies to trap your opponent and slide through the difficult shots like butter.

The Break

The most important shots to start any online pool game on a strong foot are the break shots. Break shots are used to break the rack effectively while aiming to pocket at least one ball (excluding the cue ball and the 8-ball) in the same shot. Moreover, if you manage to pocket a ball in the break shot, you can count on pocketing more balls while your opponent watches hopelessly. So here are a few breaks you can rely on to see at least one ball drop into the pocket. 

The beginner break

If you are a beginner, it’s best to use this strategy to break the rack. Move the cue ball to the top quarter along the line and place it at the same height as the last dot on the Baulk. Set your target on the top side of the fourth object ball, creating a 45 degrees angle. Hit the cue ball with full force giving a complete backspin to pocket at least one ball and spread the rest evenly on the table.

The pro break

The intermediate and professional online pool players can try a more powerful break. You can either play the break from the bottom left position or place the cue ball right in front of the right pocket. However, it’s relatively easier to place the ball in the bottom left position. Set your target in a way that your cue ball hits the space between the object balls placed in the third and fourth row. Hit the cue ball with a full backspin and maximum force to pocket at least one object ball.

Bank Shots

Bank shots are a savior when you don’t have a straight path to pocket an object ball. These shots will come in handy in most, if not all of your matches. You can use these shots even when you are aiming to pocket an object ball in the opposite side pocket, and you have to play flat next to the side of the ball. You can easily calculate bank shots with the support of the dots on the sides of the table. Using these dots, you can find set your angle and find the perfect spot to aim. These shots can be a little tricky to master but will certainly prove effective in your game.

Spin Shots

Spins shots come in handy when you want to accidentally avoid pocketing the cue ball and ruining a good game. This usually happens when the object ball is closer to the pocket, and the chances of pocketing the cue ball are higher. Here are some of the spin shots you can use to your advantage:

Draw Shot or Backspin 

Another impressive and fun online pool shot you must know is the Draw shot. This shot is used to control the cue ball and prevent it from going into the pocket. WIth a draw shot, you apply backspin to the cue ball, which spins back after hitting the object ball and comes back to where it was. To play this shot, you should strike the cue ball at a lower point.


The sidespin shot is used when you aim to pocket an object ball, but the shot will send the cue ball into another pocket. By adding sidespin to the cue ball, you can ensure that the cue ball takes a different direction after hitting the object ball. Moreover, you can also place the cue ball in a difficult position for your opponent using the sidespin.


Use the topspin when your cue ball doesn’t have enough power to strike the object ball, and you need to give it additional power. For instance, if the cue ball is at the far end of the table and the object ball is at the other end. The angle is steep in such a shot, making it impossible to apply force on the object ball and push it to the pocket. But, if you add topspin to the cue ball, that will do the job for you.

The chances are that your opponent may also be well aware of these online pool trick shots. But which player wins the game depends on the accuracy and precision with which these shots are played. Therefore, if you are looking to outplay your opponents and play these shots better than them, you need to practice enough to perfect these shots. Use these trick shots on the MPL gaming app and smartly outplay your opponent.

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