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How to Win Cash Prizes in Online Carrom Games?

Carrom is amongst one of the most popular and easiest board games to play. This pandemic has taken the players back to their old days of playing the classic board games. Similarly, online games have become a great source of entertainment during this lockdown. Because of this, these board games are on the rise currently. Carrom online is one such game that has taken over India and there are a number of reasons why. But the biggest reason for playing this game on MPL is not just because of the fan but also the cash prizes you can win. MPL’s online carrom game that will certainly manage to keep you out of boredom without any doubt. It not only fulfils the entertainment criteria of the game but also gives you chances to win exciting rewards. 

Yes, MPL has gotten their carrom online game that gives everyone the opportunity to earn rewards for their performance in the game and compete with real players. All you need to do is play the carrom game on MPL and keep winning. You will get prizes according to your game performance.  All the top scores can be monitored by looking at the live leaderboards of the respective game. Currently, this online carrom game has taken over the mobile gaming industry with a storm. Thus trying out your skills at MPL’s online board games might just be the thing you needed. To make your time even more worth it, we have listed down some ways that can make you some real cash prizes in the game. So without any further delay, let’s take a deep dive into knowing how to win cash prizes in online carrom games.

Participate in Exciting Battles Like Carrom Carnival

MPL has managed to keep their players interested in their game by introducing a number of different game modes and battles. Carrom Carnival is a battle on the application which gives the players to earn ₹5000 by winning the most number of battles in the given time period. Usually, these types of events last only for a couple of hours. The last known Carrom Carnival was available on January 22 from 7 am till 10 am. All the players need to do is top the leaderboard with the most number of wins to get the exciting cash prize. The players will be required to pay an entry fee for these battles. Thus the best way to make sure you have a real shot at winning, is to practice a lot. 

Play With Real Players and Improve Your Game

MPL’s Online Carrom game is certainly not an easy board game to master. This required a lot of practice and dedication. MPL gives you the option to practice as much as you want on the different game modes they have created. If you are not willing to spend the entry fees for practices, you can also use the free battle mode also. Players can even participate in online tournaments that have been set up by MPL themselves. After entering in the ongoing tournament, you can also restart the game as many times as you wish, and in the end, rewards will be given as per the leaderboard. This has thus been one of the most attractive parts of Carrom board game online in MPL. 

Choosing The Correct Battle

Well, using this trick might certainly bring in a lot more victories and prizes to your game. Each battle or tournament created on MPL shows the number of players participating in the event and their scores. Choose the battle with the least number of players to improve your chances at winning the Carrom online board game. This might just be the best option you have at winning exciting cash prizes in the game. Pay the entry fees and keep playing until you have received the victory and the winnings of the game.  


These were a list of all the techniques that can help you get the cash prizes in MPL Online Carrom board game. Apart from this, MPL app also has over 50 different games to play that might just transform your gaming experience into a fun and rewarding time. Regardless of which Battle or free mode you are playing, Carrom will surely bring in an intense and fun experience of gaming right to you. With time and consistent practise, you will manage to master this online board game in just days. Thus investing hours for some games where you can earn rewards as per the leaderboard and earn real money is certainly a smart technique to use your time. Apart from the rewards, the simple fun of playing a board game is certainly a great source of entertainment for you. 


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